DryMistat Crystal Humidity Tube

DryMistat Crystal Humidity Tube.
These humidity tubes are filled with a special gel polymer that, when added with distilled
water, will expand to about 100x their size. This tube features a fill line and an add
line so you know when to add more water to the humidifier.
When you get this humidifier it will have this plastic cap on it, simply peel off the
plastic and you’ll notice the perforated top. You’ll want to take the cap off and discard
that then put the perforated cap in its place. This is what will allow the humidity to release
into your humidor. When you need to fill this up with water just
pop off the top, put just a little bit of water in and put it back on.
You can go about 1-2 months before needing to refill this with distilled water and each
tube will humidify approximately 25-50 cigars in a humidor.
This is The DryMistat Crystal Humidity Tube.

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