Easy DIY Mini Perler Bead Lapel Pins

Hey guys, you’re watching QDCrafts. Today I’ll be showing you how I made these
DIY mini bead lapel pins. I’m sure some of you know who JenerationDIY
is. She’s one of my favourite Youtubers and
she heavily inspired me to make this video. I will leave her video in the description
down below and she made a lot of different Tumblr pins that look really awesome. She used shrink plastic and I used mini beads
to make my lapel pins. These are so easy to make if you have a lot
of different bead colours. You can make any design you like and let’s
get started with the tutorial. You can’t do this project at all without
mini beads of course so I’m using the perler brand as well as artkal mini beads. Then I got some of these blank pins from amazon. They were very inexpensive but if you don’t
want to buy them, you can use old lapel pins that you don’t want anymore or you could
use safety pins. I recommend getting some tweezers to pick
up these mini beads because they are so tiny and it would be such a pain to pick them up
with just your fingers. And now I’m placing the mini beads onto
the pegboard to create my designs. This is a very time consuming process since
the beads are so small so I suggest listening to some music while you do this It requires
a ton of patience. *JUNGKOOK IS MY BIAS* I chose to make designs that show my interests
so mainly Kpop, bubble tea, animals. Probably should’ve threw in some Pokemon
but maybe next time. The ideas are endless, don’t forget to be
creative and have fun with this. And if you’re stumped on ideas, I have a
playlist full of my QDminis projects, these are smaller projects made of regular sized
beads, so if you use mini beads they will turn out very tiny and cute. Now to iron the beads so that they fuse together,
I’m using some tape so that I can get the designs off of the pegboard. This just makes it easier for me to iron the
projects and prevents accidental melting of the pegboard itself. After that, I have my iron preheated at 1,
which is the silk setting I wanted some of my pins to be shiny so I
used artkal’s plastic ironing film to leave a shiny finish on the beads. I also like regular matte looking pins so
to do that I used regular parchment paper when ironing. It shouldn’t take too long for the beads
to fuse at my heat setting. Less than a few minutes should do the trick
on one side. Just look closely to make sure all the beads
are fused before you flip them over, take off the tape and iron the other side. I also suggest over ironing the beads slightly
just to make sure they are nice and sturdy. After they cooled down, I peeled them off
of the film and this is what they look like. All of them are shiny and I personally love
the look of them. If you don’t like that finish, these are
the classic matte finished designs that were ironed using ironing paper or just parchment
paper. With all the designs complete, I can now take
my blank pins and secure them into place using hot glue. You should probably use super glue to make
it less likely to fall off, but I didn’t have any so I drowned the pin in a lot of
hot glue. Once the pin is secure, we are done!! Look at that, this is my own lapel pin that
I made right at home! You guys can have so much fun with this project,
I know I did and I am so tempted to make more designs. Now it’s up to you to decide where to stick
these. I’ll probably put this on my backpack to
make it a little bit more interesting. Remember guys, have fun with this project,
be creative and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Alright guys, I really hope you enjoyed this
video on how to make your own mini bead lapel pins. I’m curious to see what you guys will be
making so you can tag me @QDCrafts or use the #qdcrafts so I can see what kind of lapel
pins you’ll be making. Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you’re
new and I will see you next time with another QDCraft. BYE!!


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