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Hey guys, I’m Pearl! Today I’m going to stay comfy and film my night routine. This is a winter night routine. I’m going to show you my skincare routine
in this dry and cold season, my changed room, and the things I do before going to bed. I just came home, and I’m wearing Haneul Haneul’s new pajamas
that I got delivered this morning. A lot of other youtubers wear these too. I got a navy two-piece set. This velvet material looks pretty for winter. They came out with a pajama in velvet and I really wanted it, so I got it just in time before the opening sale ends. This is on the pricer side but it’s worth the price. I really love it. It’s warm and convenient, since it’s in a two-piece set. Pajama dresses ride up as you sleep, so I got this to avoid that. I’ve been really enjoying this pajama set! I’m going to wash off my makeup. As I told you in my last night routine video, I remove my makeup as soon as I get home. First, I’m going to take my contacts off. I washed my hands. I can’t get used to my eyes without contacts. In my last night routine video, after removing my lip and eye makeup, I used a cleansing balm. But today, I’m going to skip the lip and eye remover
and wash everything off with one product. Tada! This is a cleansing oil I’ve been using. It’s AHC’s essence care cleansing oil in emerald. I brought this to share it with you. I have one in the bathroom, this is a new one. I was always interested in the package design so the packaging is important for me. This brightens up my bathroom and looks elegant,
so I really like it. I enjoy using cleansing balms but before using balms, I used cleansing oils for years. I’ve used lots of different cleansing oil products. A lot of people mistake cleansing oils
as a product just for those with dry skin. I thought so too before. People with oily skin type often feel anxious
if their skin doesn’t feel dry after cleansing. A few years back, we thought that it was best to
wash our faces twice or even three times. So just using a cleansing oil might feel weird. But if you get used to using a cleansing oil, you’d realize that it’s better for your skin. So I’m just going to use this product this time. It’s quite flowy but it’s denser and heavier than water. This product also smells good,
so it lifts my mood as I remove my makeup. And 98% of this product is for skincare,
rather than makeup removal. So it allows for a mild cleansing process. And even with mild ingredients,
it cleanses your skin thoroughly so it’s great if you have sensitive skin. After using this, especially in areas that are difficult to cleanse properly like the areas around the nose and around my eyes. Those areas are difficult to get into, but you can get everything off just by using this once. This product contains LHA so it doesn’t damage the protective layer in your skin and helps removes dead skin and cleans your pores, which makes your skin smoother. And using this oil also helps get rid of blackheads so I don’t have to treat them separately. I like that it doesn’t have a slimy finish
like most other cleansing oils. I can say that this is the best cleansing oil I’ve used. I really recommend it. Then, using Fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner, I’ll wipe through my skin once. Gently. The best part about using the cleansing oil
is that it doesn’t irritate my eyes. I wiped my eyes to get rid of the mascara but it didn’t irritate my eyes at all. So I could just remove everything. I think this is the first time I’ve used
something that is this mild to my eyes. It’s so great. You might feel anxious for just using a cleansing oil. But wiping your face with a toner is also a part of cleansing your face. So I recommend not cleansing your face multiple times. I’ve been just using this oil these days. And the next product we’ll be using today is a really trendy product these days. It’s Surepi’s Get-Leaf Twin Padpack. We use lots of toner face masks, right? This is a lot more sanitary than those, and this is great to pack when traveling. So I think this would be really useful. It looks like this, and there are two inside. It has these two pads. It has these layers. So if you stretch on it, it stretches out like this. Usually, toner pads are round, but this is rectangular and stretchy so it sticks really well. It sticks well on uneven surfaces too. It sticks on really nicely. My cheeks are a bit red. They look even more flushed in winter, so this product has been a lifesaver. I’m going to leave it on for five minutes. Five minutes passed. I watched LeoJ’s video And his skin got brighter and
more hydrated after using this. After hydrating my face, to make my skin more elastic, I’ll be using Missha’s Bee Pollen Renew Ampoule. I showed this to you in my VLOG as well. It stretches like a string. It looks like it would be sticky but it gets absorbed really quickly when you put it on. It just stretches at first, and it makes your skin really elastic. So I’ve been using it often. My skin has been good these days. I don’t get any breakouts. It was that time of the month but my skin coped with it. This almost never happens. I’m really happy about it so I’m going to continue using these skincare products. This is Bee Pollen Renew Cream. I’ve used a small miniature sample in the past. I liked it, so I told you I was going to get the large one. So I’ve been using this these days. It’s really great. It’s really moisturizing, so it applies really smoothly. If you use it with the ampoule,
it makes your skin more elastic. And it makes me feel like it creates a protective layer on my skin, even after applying this. It has a really tight finish. I’ve been really enjoying it. That’s it for the skincare. I need to edit now. I’m going to work with a warm cup of coffee. [A must-have snack for the wintertime.] [Searching for Christmasy songs.] [And planning for videos.] [I’m packaging the 2020 calendar orders.] [I hope these make you happy. Really.] [I’ve been feeling a bit stiff,
so I gave myself a short massage.] [Putting a generous amount of lip balm.] [Doing finger massages to feel relaxed.] [I’m going to spritz my favorite perfume,
and have a good night’s sleep.] [Lastly, I’m listing down things to do for tomorrow.] [Happy holidays, love you ♥]


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