Every Time Pearl Silenced Herself : Steven Universe Theory

Hey everyone! This is Hailey from Cartoon Universe, and
I am finally bringing you guys another SU analysis video after quite a while. Before I begin the video, I would like to
mention that at the end of the video I am going to be talking about this video’s sponsor,
Fizzpix. Enjoy the video! So, as you probably all know, SU finally came
back with six new episodes. And one of the main points of interest that
many people have pointed out was how Pearl reacted to trying to inform Steven about very
important details regarding her past in Gemcation. I’ve had it up to here with your nonsense
Pearl, tell us what’s up! But possibly… it’s not entirely up to her… Watching her hand in this scene, it is literally
silencing her. It’s like she has to fight it to say what
she wanted to. It’s a very strange thing to watch when you
pay attention to her hand, it almost seems unnatural and it’s not under her control. And if fact, when going back over other episodes,
there are quite a few other times where Pearl has done almost the same thing! Now of course nobody really noticed this until
now because it seemed a lot more forced this time around. But I think there could still definitely be
something there, and I want to find out what that is. So this is what I want to talk about today-
every time Pearl has been witnessed silencing herself. This will vary from her just putting her hand
over her mouth when something bad happens, to her literally preventing herself from speaking
like we saw in Gemcation. There may be a connection to this action she
sometimes does to something more important in the overall story. Now I know pretty much every channel that
talks about Steven Universe has already made some sort of video regarding this, but I thought
I would try and give it my own spin as well as my personal thoughts. So let’s start! The first few might not have any significance
but as we go in further in the list, some patterns do appear. First off we have Laser Light Cannon. Honestly almost anything in the beginning
of season 1 I feel a bit iffy about calling it intentional, but the crew is known for
planting in things way before they have been mentioned, so I am not going to put it past
them. Lar’s death and resurrection was actually
one of the first things planned for the show, which is pretty crazy. In this instance, Pearl covers her mouth quite
a bit after the cannon is fired. Even looking at it now it’s a bit different
looking than the others, but I decided to leave this one in anyways. Next is Mirror Gem, which occurs midway through
the first season. We see that Pearl and the rest of the crystal
gems are shocked to learn that the mirror has a mind of its own. At this point, it appears that Pearl covering
her mouth is just a reaction to something surprising happening. Quite a bit later into the first season is
Rose’s Scabbard, which is definitely a big one on the list. In one of the most emotional scenes in the
series thus far, Steven approaches a distraught Pearl who is covering a good portion of her
face with her hands. Pearl misses Rose, and is most likely feeling
overwhelmed with everything that she just learned about her former leader. Rose had secrets not even Pearl knew, potentially
causing Pearl to rethink many aspects of her life. But when it comes to Pearl covering her mouth,
it has to do with a secret regarding her past that she does know. So this instance doesn’t quite fit with our
conclusion, but it showing up at an intense moment does make sense. Then there is, It Could’ve Been Great in season
2. Peridot shows the Crystal Gems all the plans
Homeworld had for earth to take all its resources and leave it at a husk of its former self,
devoid of all life. This shocks everyone, especially since at
this point Peridot does seem a bit excited still about what the Diamonds had planned
to do. This is the first time Pearl’s gesture has
a direct correlation to learning information about the Diamond Authority. Jumping quite a bit into season 3 is crack
the whip, where Pearl forgets she had sword practice with Connie. This one definitely has nothing to do with
Homeworld or the Diamonds, but didn’t want to leave it out. Next is towards the very end of season 3,
Back to the Moon. This is the episode where most people believe
where Pearl covering her mouth because she can’t say something actually means something. After Eyeball starts explaining what happened
to Pink Diamond and how Rose Quartz had something to do with it, we get the reveal that Rose
Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Pearl then turns around in fear and covers
her mouth. When this episode aired I remember a few thinking
that Pearl in fact did this, and while it is still technically possible for that to
be the case, Pearl reacting in this way may have been more of more of a reflex than her
indicating she was actually the one to shatter PD. And now onto season 4, we have Steven’s Dream. Steven wants the CG’s to explain why there
is a pallanquin in Buddy’s book. He begins to guess it has to with PD, which
immediately gets a reaction from Pearl. Even Garnet realizes Pearl has become upset. Pearl is still covering her mouth when Garnet
says how Rose never wanted Steven to see where PD was shattered. This is when Steven is finally fed up with
not getting answers, but it seems when it comes to PD, Pearl is the last one to start
talking. Now we are going to our final moment in the
series, besides the one in season 5 of course, where Pearl covers her mouth. And this is when Steven voluntarily leaves
for Homeworld since he claims to be Rose Quartz. Everyone is shocked, and Pearl is speechless. While that was the final instance besides
the one in Gemcation in the actual show, there are a few other things I’d like to talk about. There was this poster by Entertainment Weekly
for SDCC, showing the crystal Gems and BD and YD. We do have representations for the other two
diamonds however, with PD’s be represented by a flower on the bottom of the poster. And this poster, which just so happens to
have some form of all the diamonds on it also happens to have Pearl covering her mouth. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Finally, which is probably the most obscure
instance on this list, is from a Steven Universe zine given out to fans at a convention. If you look closely at the artwork on the
back you can spot an image of Pearl staring at her hands. It appears as if she is beginning to cry while
looking at them, almost like they did something she can’t believe. Which may lead back to the conclusion of her
actually shattering PD but im not sure I believe that yet. Ok I was lying about going in order, I actually
missed one. The most important one of all. That is the time Pearl covers her mouth in
Say Uncle. Obviously, this means *record scratch* Haha
just kidding! But with that, all the most notable times
that Pearl has covered her mouth have been noted. Now we need to ask- what do many of these
moments have in common? Well, Rose Quartz and the Diamonds, more specifically
PD and her shattering. My guess, as with many others, is that Pearl,
being a made to order servant, was created as a gem that is unable to talk about huge
secrets regarding the diamonds. This would be a measure the diamonds put in
place to make sure that their servants could not betray them by leaking out such sensitive
information. I have seen some say that it would be a power
of White Diamond that could alter a gem in this manner, and since we don’t know WD’s
powers yet this is a possibility. Perhaps her covering her mouth has become
a natural reaction over time, as it is what she does in very emotional situations that
have nothing to do with the diamonds. This would lead to the least climatic conclusion
in my opinion, but it is perhaps the most logical one after considering all that Pearl
has been through. But whatever the case, part of Pearl is fighting
back against her telling what really happened. Now I have to then wonder, is this something
unique to our Pearl? It might not be, although we have only seen
two other Pearls, there is some interesting symbolism between the three of them. As mentioned many times in this video, Pearl
covers her mouth, but what about the other two? Well, Blue Pearl’s eyes are covered, and while
no gems actually have ears, Yellow Pearl doesn’t have much on the side of her head. This is definitely a stretch but there is
a saying that goes, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. This could work for each one of the Pearls. As our Pearl is not allowed to speak of what
happened to Pink Diamond, while Blue Pearl is oblivious of all that is going on because
her vision is skewed, and finally yellow pearl will not listen to any ridicule of the diamonds
and thinks of them as perfect beings. So, in some ways this could be seen as each
Pearl having a fault. Well we do know our Pearl is different than
most in many other ways, this one does stand out at the moment. Maybe one day all of the Pearls that were
owned by the diamonds will work together and become more than just servants. So that wraps up my analysis video for today,
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