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Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa, with BBQGuys.com,
Today we are checking out the American Muscle Grill.. now at first sight this looks like
an awesome gas grill.. and it is.. but there is more to it than that! The AMG can be fueled
by either charcoal, wood, pellets, or gas, giving you unlimited cooking options depending
on how you want to cook your particular food. Let’s have a look inside.. Today we’re looking at the 36 inch AMG,
the cooking grids measure 21.5inches deep by 33.5 inches wide, and it can comfortably
grill up to 34, four inch round hamburgers at a time. The heavy duty cast stainless steel cooking
grids are reversible, allowing you to use this side for nice wide sear marks, or you
can flip to the other side for cooking more delicate items. Under the cooking grids, you can see what
makes this grill a versatile cooking machine.. the 12 gauge stainless solid fuel baskets.
Each one of these baskets can be easily removed for cleaning, and when you want to use them,
simply fill them with charcoal, wood chunks, or wood pellets, or even a variety of the
three.. then you can use the gas burners to make ignition a breeze. Beneath the removable fuel baskets, you will
find the stainless steel flame tamers that protect the burners from falling debris. Each
flame tamer has an air pocket which helps to distribute the burner’s heat evenly. Beneath the flame tamers, the American Muscle
Grill is powered by stainless steel tube burners, each rated for 20,000 BTUS for a combined
100,000 BTUS of total cooking power. If you enjoy searing over an infrared burner,
you are in luck! Simply take out one of the conventional burners, and slide in the optional
AMG infrared burner for 1,600 degrees of searing heat. The burners are lit by push and turn dual
spark solid brass flame thrower ignition. Secondary ignition is also covered with a
flash tube. The control panel of the American Muscle Grill
was inspired by the 1969 Shelby GT 350 Mustang and it’s accented with blue LED lights,
and stylish control knobs. Beneath the control panel, you will find a
full width slide out drip pan, with a drain plug in the corner making cleanup simple. For nighttime grilling, the interior of the
grill is lit by 2 bright lights, and for added grill real estate, the warming rack can be
used or flipped up into it’s storage position. Easily monitor the temperature of your AMG
with the hood mounted thermometer, and fine tune low and slow smoking temperatures with
the vent wheels on both sides of the grill’s hood. For added temperature stability, the
rear of the grill features a wind guard. The American Muscle Grill comes with leather
grill gloves, a grill cover, and a convenient grill grate tool which makes adding solid
fuel a breeze. Other nice features include a spring assisted
hood opening mechanism, a full length grill hood handle which is great for opening the
grill from the side when it is extremely hot, and an optional commercial quality rotisserie
kit. Now I’ll run our XRF test on the AMG grill. The cooking grids…burners…flame tamers..charcoal
trays..and firebox all tested to be 304 stainless steel. The inside and outside of the hood,
control panel, and drip pan also tested to be 304 stainless steel. Thank you for watching, if you have any questions
on the AMG grill, please give us a call or check us out online today. I’m Chef Tony
Matassa, and remember.. at BBQGuys.com.. we smoke.. the competition!


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