Find out how Nina Lisandrello toured with The Rolling Stones and Elton John… when she was 4

[background music] Rick Yaeger: Hey everyone. It’s Rick Yeager
here with “One Question Interviews,” the show where I get the golden opportunity to talk
to a celebrity and then I waste it on some totally random question. Seating across the
Internet from me today is the actress who plays Captain Tess Vargas on CW’s “Beauty
and the Beast.” Please welcome Nina Lisandrello. Nina Lisandrello: Hi. Rick: Hello. Nina: How are you? Rick: I’m good. Thank you so much for doing
this and… Nina: Of course. Rick: …to rush to your computer from the
airport. I know you just, you’ve… Nina: But it was worth it. It’s fun. I’m sitting.
I’m in my house. It’s not that serious. Rick: It’s totally not serious. It’s just
relaxed, laid back kind of thing. You were nominated by Sendhil Ramamurthy and Austin
Basis so… Nina: Cute boys. Love those guys. Rick: Cute boys. Nina: It does. Rick: I should ask you after the interview
whether they’ll be any kind of retribution or revenge on having been nominated. [laughter] Nina: Of course. You start thinking about
that actually. Rick: Before we get to the one question, thought
we’d chat a bit about what you’ve been up to. Obviously, Beauty and the Beast just finished
season three, the big season finale, which I have to admit I haven’t seen because I’ve
been… [music] Rick: [laughs] I’ve been binge-watching the
whole series. Nina: Rick, it’s like the episode though.
You have to see it. Rick: I know. I’ve seen too much already but
it’s like I… Nina: Even I don’t know how that would feel
like to just sit and let go on this roller coaster of Beauty and The Beast, because even
season three is incredibly different. Season four is really different and I have like,
780 hair-dos so it’s like, “It is straight? Is it short? Is it bangs? She’ll not bangs.”
That is one of the most entertaining parts of the show but I can’t imagine what it would
be like to binge-watch it. It’s got to be pretty entertaining. Rick: Yeah, it’s a great show and it’s something
that I’m taken two or three episodes a night. I’m on Twitter or I’m on my own website’s
chat room with my beasties talking about what I’m watching. It’s like live tweeting in the
past. [laughs] Nina: But they’re with you. Rick: They are. They’re so supportive and
amazing and like you said they’re…I don’t want to say this in an insulting way, but
they’re not normal. Nina: But is any fandom normal? Rick: Normal fandom is not as nearly as active
and motivated as they are. They… Nina: I got lucky. It’s my first show so I
got really lucky. It’s all downhill from here which suck. I don’t know why. Rick: Your next show’s fans are going to have
massive shoes to fill. [laughs] Nina: It’s going to suck actually. Now I’m
sad. Rick: You’re going to carry these people with
you everywhere you go Nina: Hopefully. They’ve been really great.
They’ve been really, really supportive. Rick: There’s like People’s Choice Awards. Nina: Yeah. Every year. Rick: Every year. Nina: We’ve won every year. This year we’re
not going to win, and we do, it’s really cool. Rick: [laughs] Nina: It’s really, really cool. Surprising,
but it’s great. Rick: There’s some nasty words being said
in backrooms from other shows, saying we’ve… Nina: I’m sure. The Internet is a dark, dark
place. I’m sure, because you can’t beat a beastie, so suck it. Rick: Apparently not. [laughs] I also want
to talk to you about travel. Nina: Yes. Let’s talk about travel. Rick: Because you have a thing for that, it
seems. We need to flush out your IMDb profile and your Wikipedia page, and that sort of
thing. Nina: I don’t look at those things, what are
they saying? Rick: That’s OK, that’s what I’m here for. Nina: OK, good. Rick: All it basically says is that you traveled
around Europe following your mom on tour singing. Nina: Yeah, my mom was a backup singer for
Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Elton John…She’s a beautiful, beautiful singer. She kind of
strapped me to her and just took me on the ride. We’ve lived in Germany, in London, and
we’ve just traveled all over the place. It was an interesting childhood, to say the
least, but it was really cool. Rick: Now, do you feel like you have the need
to travel? If you stay on one place too long, you…? Nina: I’ve read this really cool quote on
Humans of New York, that Instagram thing, and the book “Humans of New York” is probably
one of my favorite, you got to check it out. Rick: I’ll check it out, sounds a good… Nina: They just interview civilians in New
York and just get their stories. They post their photo on Instagram and a life quote
that they’ve given. It’s one of the most moving, incredible…it’s the highlight of my day,
this Humans of New York. I’ve read one, and it was of a single mother
and her son. I wish I knew their names, because I can’t remember it, but her quote was “Travel
and tell the truth.” That was her advice to her kid. That’s how I feel. Everybody should
travel, I think everybody should be aware of the world and other cultures, and learn.
I don’t want to stay in one place. I don’t think that’s healthy. Rick: That’s awesome. You got to do this. Nina: It’s incredible. Rick: The world is simultaneously big and
small. You have to take advantage of our ability in this day and age to go places. Nina: Get on a plane, go somewhere. Rick: Yeah, and take in another culture. See
that there are different ways of living. Nina: Also, I think it affirms that we’re
all the same. Rick: It does. Nina: You can go to South Africa, Japan, and
kindness is kindness, a smile is a smile, generosity. Traveling is important because
it’s good to see differences but also to see how we’re all the same and should respect
one another, and should be kind to everybody. That’s my piece. Good night. Rick: [laughs] That was good. “Brought to
you by,” yes. Nina: Right? When I go to India in February,
that would be incredible. Yeah, there’s so many places I’ve got to go. Rick: This is what I was wondering. You say
going to India in February, it is such a long time before season four comes out. What are
you going to do? Nina: Well, I’m actually directing a short
film in November. That’s keeping me very, very busy, and I’m wondering why I decided
to do this, because holy shit, it’s the most stressful thing that’s ever happened to me.
I’m really excited, it’s a film that I wrote, and there’s some really, really talented people
involved. I’m working on that, and then I’m developing
a show with my friend Annie Illonzeh, who played Beth on Beauty and the Beast. I don’t
know if you’ve seen Beth yet. Rick: Yeah, Beth. Nina: Anyway, she’s a wonderful friend of
mine. Rick: She was the reporter. Nina: Yes, so you know her? Rick: Oh yeah. Nina: She’s a good friend of mine, and we’re
working on this show that I think will be hilarious. I’m pretty busy just writing, trying
to make my own stuff. Rick: When are we going to see that? Once
the beasties know that there’s something in the pipeline, they want it. Nina: We’re writing it, so you have to be
patient. Rick: OK, so next week, probably? [laughs] Nina: I’ve got a film right now, and it’s
going to be good, though. Beasties will be the first to know. Rick: We’ll let them know. We’re going to
go for the one question, if you’re ready. Nina: OK, let’s go. Rick: Let’s do it. Nina: It’s magical, this hat. Rick: I hope it doesn’t have rabbits in it,
or anything weird. Good. Nina: That’s a good hat. Rick: As you know, the question is called
one question interviews. I have almost a thousand different questions, ranging from the profane
to the profound. We’ll choose one at random, you’ll answer it seriously, or in a funny
voice if you like, and everyone goes home happy. Cool? Nina: Cool. Rick: Now I’ll just grab a handful of cards
here. I’m going to rifle down the side, and you tell me when to stop. Nina: OK, stop. Rick: Would you like the top or the bottom?
That’s not the question. Nina: [laughs] Top. Rick: Top? That’s this one. Nina Lisandrello,
if you were required to get a tattoo. Nina: I love this one already. [claps] Rick: What would it be, and where would it
be? Nina: This is so bad. [laughs] My best friend’s
a tattoo artist, and we talk about this all the time. I was actually thinking, I don’t
know if I’ll do it, because I’m so lazy, and when you have tattoos, as an actress, you
have to cover them up. I don’t want to be in a hair and makeup chair longer than necessary
so that’s why I don’t have any. There was this really, really amazing book
called “Amy and Isabel,” and it’s about a mother and a daughter. I was raised by a single
mother, so it’s a book I really love. In the book she talks about how they’re always connected
by a black line. They work in a factory, but they don’t speak to one another because they’re
always fighting. But, even when they’re on opposite sides of
the factory there’s always this black line that connects them. They always know what
the other one is doing. I had this idea of just doing a black line,
and then my mom getting it also. Maybe like along our backs, or something like that. When
I told her about it, she was like, “That sounds awesome!” Maybe we’ll do that. That was a
good question. Rick: That was a good question. That was a
great answer. Thank you so much for doing the show. I’m so glad I got that out of you. Everyone check out Nina on Beauty and the
Beast, on the CW. Probably Thursdays. Probably eight and seven Central, starting summer 2000… Nina: 2030. Rick: …16, or something. Nina: Who knows. Rick: Who knows. Nina: The beasties will find it! Rick: You got season four approved, before
season three even aired. Nina: Yeah. Rick: It’s pretty awesome. Nina: It’s pretty awesome, but I don’t know
when it’s going to air. Rick: That’s true. In the meantime, that gives
people like me, and others who haven’t caught up, time to binge watch it on Netflix, in
some regions, and definitely iTunes. If you know a beasty, you just tell them you’re
interested, and there will be… Nina: They will hook you up. Rick: There will be a DVD box set [laughs]
on your doorstep the next morning. Nina: Exactly. A manual explaining everything.
Just talk to beasties, they will help you. Rick: Big jar of gummy worms and… Nina: Gummy worms for life. Rick: Yes. Follow Nina on Twitter she is @NinaLisandrello.
It’s draped down there. Nina: It’s a long one. NinaLisandrello, yes. Rick: Instagram, same thing. Periscope? Do
that? I guess not. Facebook? Nina: No Facebook. I do have a wonderful beasty.
Her name is Olivia Thrower, and she does the Nina Lisandrello fan page, but it’s mostly
Beauty and the Beast stuff. If you’re a beastie, check that one out, too, because she is a
hard core beasty. Rick: I’m going to find out the URL and that
— is already below your face. Thanks again for being my guest. It was amazing to talk
to you, and I hope you had fun. Nina: I did. Rick: You people — probably a whole bunch
of beasties, actually — thank you so much for watching. Thank you even more for subscribing
to the show for free on YouTube. I appreciate that. My guests and I often have quite a bit to
talk about. Some of it ends up on the cutting room floor, but I can lift it up. If you want to like this video on YouTube,
I’ll find some cool stuff down there and post it up on YouTube for you. That little like,
that will be our secret little symbol, sign, thing. Go do that. That’s it. This is Rick Yaeger for One Question
Interviews. Take Care. Nina: Bye. [music] Nina: Yeager. That’s such a cool ass name. Rick: That’s the other thing, with the warm
up question is, at some point kids started… Nina: To put that. Rick: Yeah. Why did you point to your mug
when you said “Yaeger”? Is that what’s in there? [laughs] Nina: Yes.


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