Friendship’s Bracelet and ring

What’s up guys Welcome back to my video and in this video I’ll show you How to make a cutest and easiest friendship bracelet and ring ever So. Let’s take a part of this They are what you’ll need And the Embroidery strings can be the cheap kind that comes in huge pack like this You don’t need anything fancy just make sure it will not be thick enough for a nice bracelet Take your tape on the cardboard and inline the tape to get around cut it out with scissors And then mark the center and dividing the circle into 8 equals with 8 little lines like this And now there are 4 pieces of embroidery strings each approximately 62 centimeters long I’ll make something for the closure and that is easy and fast to make And we can do like this And then knot them together Now, we have 8 strings coming out. But, we only need 7 strings so take 1 string and cut it off push the loop and the knot through the center of the card board and make it like this count 1 2 3 take the 3rd and move it into the free cut and rotate you can make the bracelet as long as you want When the bracelet is long enough release all the strings from the cuts and take it off the loom And make this for secure it And they are what you’ll need to make a ring And for this just do the same thing like making a bracelet But, for this we don’t need to cut it off the strings just move it And make a little knot to secure your work like this And then, cut it off the strings out the knots And make the string and jewel be one with the glue gun Thada finish give this video a thumb up iy you enjoyed this video And don’t forget to comment below and subscribe the channel if you like it

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