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Yo, Yo, Yo. Welcome to Rick’s Yo-Yo Tricks. Today I’m going to take you through some
of the front loaded sleeper style tricks that I really love. The first one is, I don’t even know if it
has a name frankly. But, I love it. So you throw a hard sleeper. Hard and fast. When it gets to the bottom, you know, loop
it onto your finger and then bring it up and then you’re going to swing it up and over
your hand and it’s going to do this kinda zoom across and hang over your finger on the
other side. Are you ready to see it? Alright. First you’re going to make a muscle. Yea baby. And then flick it up. And then flick it across. See Watch this. I love this trick. Zoot. I could do this for 10 hours. Zoot. See what I’m saying. It’s awesome. I love that trick. Now, there’s another one I’m going to
teach you that I want to say is the Hydrogen Bomb. But it’s been a long time since I studied
the classic tricks. I just do them now. Are you ready? We’re going to throw a hard sleeper, we’re
going to drape the string over my finger, we’re going to pull it up and across. With the yoyo is going to flip up, it’s
going to come over my finger, and I’m going to do some other stuff cuz I don’t remember
it from there. Are you ready to watch? Let’s just try it. Ya? Ok. Good. So, swsh, swsh. Oh ya, and then we do one of these marching
across. These are fun. Or we can march it back. Ya. We can even keep going. Let’s march it back. Or we can march it forward. We can do some loops. This isn’t actually the Hydrogen Bomb. Because I added in like 15 different steps
that you don’t do in the Hydrogen Bomb. Thank you to Jill Bailey who finally taught
me this after 20 years of yoyoing. Boingy, Boingy, Awesome. You’ve got to start with the Atomic or the
Hydrogen Bomb intro. So you go over the finger. But then you bring it up. You’re going to bounce it back and forth. And that is Boingy Boingy. Pretty sweet, huh? If I can get my yoyo to come back. See, I’m an old school yoyo guy. I can do loops all day. The unresponsive is still kind of a new, new
game in my world. What else should we go with, today? Do you guys want to learn anything specific? Why don’t you tell me in the comments, what
you guys want to learn. Do you want to learn Kwitchibow. Do you want to learn something else? Hey, heck, tell me. I’m glad to make some more videos about
all the tricks that I know. And if I don’t know them, then maybe I can
find somebody who does. Know what I’m saying? So, in the meantime, I’d love to hear from
ya. And if you have any other questions, comment,
reach out. Glad to help. Until next time. This is Rick’s Yo-Yo tricks. See ya.


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