Genuine Recycling

(Piano and marimba music) The whole company was started on the
idea that there was this material that was being recycled that didn’t really
have an application or a place to go. Way back in the day my dad came up with the application of outdoor furniture. Fast forward a number of years to today
we were able to establish our own recycle line. The milk jugs come in we send
them up our conveyer to the shredder where everything’s getting pre-shredded
and the washing is a real intense process there’s a lot of friction going on. Then
it’s separated for other foreign materials that we don’t want.
They’ll sink out in our float tank. Then, it’s fine grind to a half-inch flake
dried and air separated for fines. Then the flakes will go to our color sorter
sort out the color and the material that we don’t want. The good material will
find its way to the pelletizing machine where it’s pelletized. The final product is
the pellets and gets transported via blower over to silos in extrusion. We
also have a regrind line just for our POLYWOOD® scraps. So all this scrap from manufacturing chairs is all reground and then sent to extrusion to be reused. Certainly, we do recycle a couple million milk jugs every week but in addition to
that we recycle our scrap fabric, aluminum cut-offs that are too small to
use in a chair, cardboard, plastic wrap, broken pallets. We take every opportunity
to avoid sending material to the landfill. Containers that had a single
use we’re repurposing them into something that has a lifetime and beyond
use. Remaking something into something new and doing something meaningful for
your future generations. This was trash that is now being cleaned and chopped up through a recycle line to a final product that is beautiful and can be
used again. (Music fades out)

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