Geometric Gel Polish Design – Part 1

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails, in this video I’m going to show you how to do a geometric design using acrylic paints and gel polish. So, so far for this design I’ve already applied party pants and back to black, just onto those and then the rest are going to be done with some gel polish and some acrylic paints as well. So I’ve just put some of the gel polishes on to some foil. Just using that simply as a pallet. And then we’re going to start doing some design work. I’m going to do an ombre fade on here. So just get a gel brush, pop the bulk of the colour on the end here, turn the brush round and just going to start to sweep that up. I’m just going to take off the excess, and blend that up a little bit more, take off any more, so it’s really dry. And just tap that so it blends. Going to pop that into the lamp, cure that for a second. Then we’re going to do a second coat of party pants, so the bulk of the product onto the tip again, turn your brush around, start to blend that up, then wipe off some excess, blend that up again, and then wipe off and make the brush really quite dry. And you can start to tap that and it will blend it further. Then we can cure that again. Then we’ve got pearls a singer, it’s a shimmery, clear gel polish. Go right to the cuticle area here, don’t flood it. And then we’re going to pull this all the way down, to the tip, that’s going to add a nice bit of shimmer to that nail. Pop that in, cure that. I’m going to use the mega gloss sealer gel, just to seal this and give it a really smooth finish. Now you could leave that just like that but I’m going to do a little bit of art, on this nail. So we’re going to cure that into the LED lamp for one minute. So we’ve got the ombre on there, all I’m going to do is just wipe over with a little smidge of acetone just to make sure it’s really clean, cos’ I’m going to paint on top of there. We’re going to use a little bit of black acrylic paint and a little bit of white acrylic paint. Little bit of water, just so it flows a little bit easier on the nail. I’ve got a long detailing brush. And we’re going to start at that top corner, and down. Same and down, I’m just going to meet these now, and that’s basically our starting point that triangle is. So we’re doing a geometric design. Just using the tip of the brush now. Because we’ve top coated this it’ll, the paint will run really smoothly, on the nail, it’ll glide which will make everything a little bit easier for you. Going to clean that brush off, and I’m going to use a shorter detailing brush to apply some white. I’m using a shorter brush because i want a little bit more control, i don’t want, I’m not doing big long lines, so the longer the line you’re going to create, the longer the brush that you’ll need. But because we’re going to do little sections of colour here, i want something that’s shorter, i want a shorter brush for this. So you need a steady hand to keep the sides nice and straight. Make sure you’re resting, if you notice these fingers are resting on the hand. It’s very small movements with those three fingers. Once your happy with your design, make sure that your paint is all dry. And then you can seal that, with some mega gloss. Make sure you seal all the paint work, right to the edges, don’t flood the cuticle and don’t touch the skin, if you touch the skin make sure you just sweep that away. So if you touch the skin make sure it’s not touching before it goes into the lamp. That can pop in the lamp now, into the LED lamp just for one minute. Just going to finish off with some coconut cuticle oil on that nail, that nail’s complete. And then we’re going to move on to the other four fingers and we’re going to carry on this design.


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