George Town Heritage Celebrations 2018: Glass Beads

We, the Paiwan people see our glass beads as very important During weddings and festivals, we will use glass beads The glass beads in our Paiwan tribe are very precious They are our jewellery For us locals, if you don’t have glass beads You won’t be able to get married You must have glass beads then only you can get married This is to become the bride price So in our Paiwan tribe, glass beads are our jewellery So we kept making the jewellery, those of the aboriginal people These glass beads Every glass bead has its own meaning and also its own name It has a beautiful story (behind it) Its origin This is our traditional long necklace This traditional long necklace Every child must have it All these were inherited from the ancestors The beads on the necklace are arranged in a certain order The place where it is arranged has its meaning This is the bead of precious which must be placed in the middle The necklace has its own bead arrangement Until the end So the order of arrangement shows the different classes of the beads

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