Get Ready With Me – Pearl Necklace, ButterFly Wing Earrings, and Cutest Outfit with Lace Up Shoes

So, my husband just made my night. We are about to get ready to go out for dinner, okay? And he looks at me and he
says that I’m a naughty hottie. That’s so funny!
So, I just want to do it you see what I was wearing tonight. He made me feel so
special. I’m wearing these little earrings that my sister made for me.
They’re made with a genuine butterfly wings but they already died
from natural causes.So I know that no butterfly was killed in the making
of these earrings and I’m also wearing these little pearls. They’re also faux pearls,
so again no oyster was harmed in the making of these. Look at these little
bows! Aren’t they cute. I’m wearing these little sleeveless peekaboo
shoulders. I’ve been working out my shoulders out so I need to show them off. I’m wearing a
pair of shorts that Aren’t they cute? I also got these off of ThredUp. I’ll be sure to put the link for that down below as well as the necklace
which I got on Amazon. and look at my little shoes! So. Naughty Hotting signing off. Bye guys.
I’m going to go enjoy a dinner with my husband


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