Gold Fade Clear Acrylic Nail Design With Gold Studs

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a clear extension in an almond shape, with some gold glitter, some black detail and also some gold flat studs. So with this nail, I’ve already applied a clear tip and prepped it, put all the primer on and everything like that. If you want to see the video for prepping the nail you can check that out. I’m going to use gold rush shimmer which is a clear based powder with glitter running through the acrylic. It’s quite a simple design this because we just want a lot of the glitter to be at the back of the nail and then we’re going to drag it through until it becomes completely transparent on this transparent tip so you get this nice transparent look. So the glitter needs to be heavy at the back and the tip here you want it to be quite sparse. Then we’re going to cap and clear straight over on the gold, then we’re going to pull this down right to the tip over the entire nail. Make sure it’s thick enough but not too thick. We’re going to let that set. So I’m going to file this nail now and we’re going to do the same filing routine, straight up side walls and straight around the cuticle area. Contour the full surface of the nail. Just going to buff the nail to make it nice and smooth. Going to remove any demarcations from the nail. Clean that over with some acetone, that will slightly melt the top surface and make it even smoother again. Using the black UV gel, and a detailing brush that’s just over a centimetre long, we’re going to frame this nail. Pop that into the UV lamp for two minutes. Again using the black gel, we’re going to add some detail to this nail. You don’t have to do this with gel, you can do it with some nail art paints. I like to use the gel. I’ve literally joined these up from one corner to the other corner. Going to pop that into the UV lamp for two minutes and cure that. Before I top coat this I’m going to pop some metallic studs onto this design. Just going to apply a little bit of glue and then the studs. Now I’m going to use the mega gloss sealer gel to seal all of the nail, so you’re going to skip the brush around the edge to make sure it’s capped and that can go into the LED lamp for one minute. So that’s come out the lamp, that’s all cured now. Just going to finish this nail off with some cuticle oil and I’m going to go underneath as well. So you can see the transparency, it looks really cool.


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