Google Play: The Rolling Stones Part 4 Tokyo Dome

MICK JAGGER: OK, Tokyo! Tokyo, let’s rock this
mother to the max. KEITH RICHARDS: The Japanese
people are an amazing bunch of Stones’ freaks. I mean, from the minute we got
there and until this very moment now, they’re an
especially warm audience for the Stones. It was a fantastic experience. [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES,
which was the first time we’d ever played in Japan. Never been there before. Weren’t allowed to go there
because they wouldn’t let us in– visas and all that,
drug problems. KEITH RICHARDS: I’ll tell you,
it was the Japanese people more than us that made it
possible for us to go there. Because at that time, the
Japanese authorities were pretty much not interested. I always figured they were
making a big mistake. Because it only made people
more promiscuous in a way, wondering why you
weren’t let in. So then you go, what
are you scared of? They’re a bunch of guitar
players, for Christ’s sake. [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES, “IT’S
a bit and they play some good music, and people
want to hear it. And I remember the fellow with
the stamps and the [MUMBLING]. MICK JAGGER: And then when we
got there it was fantastic. We had a great welcome, great
audience, very appreciative Japanese audience. I had to learn my Japanese
pattern, which is always amazing. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES, “IT’S
ONLY ROCK ‘N’ ROLL”] MICK JAGGER: This was a very
difficult gig to play though, the indoor dome, because
it was very echoey. [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES, “ROCK
AND A HARD PLACE”] MICK JAGGER: It was very hard
to hear yourself as well. It was a tricky place to
play, very tricky. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES,
“SAD SAD SAD”] MICK JAGGER: We had this huge
stage, which was the Steel Wheel Stage, which
I don’t know how that arrived in Japan. It was massively large, even
by today’s standards. It was very long,
incredibly long. [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES,
exist in years and months or hours or days, it existed
in records and tours. Somebody will say to me, oh, in
’91, I mean, oh, I was at Steel Wheels. I mean my time frame
goes like that. MICK JAGGER: “Mixed Emotions,”
“Sad Sad Sad,” “Rock in a Hard Place,” “Almost Hear You Sigh,”
“Can’t Be Seen With You,” and any others
I’ve forgotten. KEITH RICHARDS: It just felt
really good to make. The whole album was
a joyous thing. It was like yes, this is
the time to do it. It kicked off the mega, mega
touring stuff as well. I felt rejuvenated, and so I
think so did Mick by just having those few years off. Mick had done his own things,
I’d been doing the [? winers ?] and playing
with other people. After all, being in one small
band, five, six people– a bit of vacuum [INAUDIBLE]. You want to spread wings and
see what else can happen. It doesn’t mean you can’t fold
them up and come back in. [MUSIC – ROLLING STONES]


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