GRIPPPZ Magnetic Wristband Tool Organiser

Hello this is a very quick look at the
Gripppz magnetic wristbands tool organizer this is a brilliant little DIY gadget
it’s a magnetic wristbands and the instructions come magnetically pinned to
the wristband via a little paperclip. This is available in three clothes I’ve
got the black but you can get it in red and blue as well and you can see that
it’s made of 100% polyester it’s got built-in magnets and it is adjustable. I
have pretty small wrists I’d say and this fits me really nice and snugly you
wrap it right round keeps very tight it’s actually very comfortable I was
quite surprised how comfortable it was and it stays comfortable even when you
load things on basically you just attach whatever it is you’re going to be using
to your wrist strap, this avoids that classic DIY problem of having to hold
nails or screws in your teeth while you’re doing your job and it’s strong
enough to also hold things like drill bits but you do have to make sure
they’re in the right positions so you want to put them bang on the magnets and
then they will stay sturdy and in place. You can even load up a full bag of nails
as I’ve done at the back, just just to test this out, and there’s some additional
bits we’ll just load those on and the magnets are very strong this is great
for general use you’d put it on the wrist that isn’t holding the hammer just
to make sure that you’re not unnecessarily moving it around although
I have to say when I have shaking this, so here it is fully loaded with far too
many screws and nails, I would never use this many, but even when I give it a
really good vigorous shake they’re not coming off they will start to move
slowly so you can see in a second there’s one little one starting to make
its way off…there it is, let’s just pop that back, but that’s not realistically how
you’re going to be using this you’re going to have it on the hand that’s
isn’t moving too much the hammer or screwdriver would be in your other hand
and let’s just take this off you can see just how much is loaded up on there it’s
a really simple idea but it works really well, the magnets are strong enough to hold everything in place while you’re getting
on with your DIY. I hope you’ve found this short review useful if you have
please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, thanks for watching I’ll
see you next time.

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