Here’s The Deal: Joe Biden’s Plan to Strengthen America’s Criminal Justice System

It’s time we put justice back in
criminal justice. Look too many people in this country are incarcerated and too
many of them are black and brown. That’s why Joe Biden is proposing a
comprehensive plan to reduce our prison population, reform the juvenile justice
system, eliminate racial disparities, and make our communities safer. The plan
focuses on four key areas. The first is PREVENTION It’s our best anti-crime
strategy. That’s why Biden’s plan doubles the number of guidance counselors, nurses,
social workers, and other health professionals in our schools. And it’s
about time we put treatment for substance abuse and mental health front
and center. Instead of incarceration we should be
sending folks to drug courts and treatment. Second, FAIRNESS Joe Biden knows we must end the racial and income disparities in our justice system. As president, Biden will finally put an end to mandatory minimums, private prisons,
the criminalization of poverty through cash bail, and profiteering from
incarceration. He will decriminalize marijuana use and automatically expunge prior convictions. And as president, Biden will use the full power of the Justice Department to address systemic misconduct and police departments and
prosecutors offices. You know one thing that makes Joe Biden’s plan unique and bold is his commitment to juvenile justice. I’ve spent years working on this
issue as an advocate so it’s very personal for me. Biden’s plan takes a holistic approach by talking about young people in tandem
with larger criminal justice reform. Not as a separate issue. Joe Biden’s plan
will invest $1 billion per year in juvenile justice reform, it takes on
the school to prison pipeline, and works to give everyone – especially our kids – a
fair shot at success. OFFERING SECOND CHANCES Joe Biden believes in
redemption. After people have served their time, they should have an
opportunity to earn a good life and contribute to our society.
Biden’s plan will help give treatment, job training, and educational
opportunities to people both during and after incarceration. And Joe Biden will
set a national goal of ensuring 100% of formerly incarcerated
individuals have housing upon re-entry. Y’all we’re finally going to break down
the barriers faced by folks on the other side of incarceration. And finally Biden’s plan will REDUCE VIOLENCE AND SUPPORT SURVIVORS There’s still too many women and girls and members of the trans community who are victims of
gender-based violence. As the original author of the Violence Against Women Act, Biden will help survivors of violence, communities experiencing violence, and
first responders by addressing the impacts of trauma. I know that’s a lot
but this is just the beginning of Joe Biden’s bold vision to strengthen
America’s commitment to justice. But don’t take my word for it go to and read the plan for yourself.

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