How A Yarn Ball Winder Works

Welcome back to I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m going to demonstrate how to use a ball winder. We are going to be giving one of these away because we’re gonna be celebrating our half million viewers or fans on Facebook. So all we just wanna do is that when you have deflated balls like so it’s a partial ball you can make the best little yarn cakes. All you’re just gonna do is take the yarn from the ball and just feed it through this eye here and we’re going to put it around the top and just there’s an actual thing at the top so it goes through and we are just going to start spinning it. Okay, I’m gonna spin it in a way that I’m most comfortable, and all I’m just gonna do is just spin, spin, spin. So I’m just taking the yarn and it allows for, look how fast this is going. And so it does it in a way so that when you take it off of the ball winder you can actually, um, it does um, the inside actually kinda fills in. I don’t know what crocheters would do with that one of these. So I’m doing this entire ball, well, not all of it just partial. See perfect! And this is a great little tool for when you have any kind of hanks or anything like that, that require to be spun before you can actually um, use it. I’m almost done the whole entire ball that whole thing that I did. Makes for a great storage you can put it in your bins and once you get down to the wire here just you know how it always gets in the end. Just uh, here we go. I wanna do this entire ball live on camera [laughs] of course again once you get all the way to the bottom it gets kind of thing I just gotta be gentle with it. Just holding it. But great tool! Honestly before I had one of these I didn’t, you know all my balls were deflated, and I think this is a great little tool and that’s the entire ball but instead of the deflated ball all we just wanna do that is just pull it up like this and I take the label and I fold it so I know what this is later and I just put it on to the top here and when I go to slide off I make sure the label’s on the inside just like so and what happens is that the interior goes inward so that there’s no tension left on this ball. So when you go to hand one both you can see that it’s nice and fluffy when you go to hand wind it you always do too much tension and then you ruin your yarn at the same time. So this is what we’re giving away today. If you’re interested see there’s a link in the more information of this video for you to be able to access. Till next time of a Mikey on behalf of 👋


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