How It Feels To Finally Buy Crystals In Paladins

*cough x6* Ahhhhh Shit! what was I gonna talk about
oh hell yeah so steam has this new library UI and it’s
receiving mixed emotions I’m not sure how I feel about it yet actually I don’t
even know why I’m mentioning the damn thing there’s a sale going on umm a
spooky sale it kind of sucks dick because most of the games on there are
horror games like like this one I’m i’m failing no nut November but you know
what else is on sale The Witcher 3 Oh ever since this game came out I’ve been
dying to play mainly because you can have sex on a horse with this hot chick
that happens to be so pretty you know confident and badass then I noticed that
my broke ass only got 50 bucks that’s not good I have to save my money because
next week there’s something dropping and I want to get it the Kawai chest is a
chest that includes the most Kawai skin to be ever made by the human race oh and
it also contains other irrelevant skins if I want to get the skin I can’t risk
taking any chances according to the wiki the chest is 300 crystals and it
contains 8 skins so pretty much I have to get it eight times let me pull my
highly advanced calculator here two thousand and four hundred crystals right
is- is that a lot wait I’m gonna check the paladin store see how much they’re
selling that amount for a WAH! what the fuck 35 fucking dollars this is a
fucking robbery it’s a disgrace there’s no way I’m giving evil Mojo Jojo to 35
dollars that’s enough to buy a Chinese body pillow my ancestors are gonna be
too ashamed of me if I spend that much money on on existing items the next
morning okay so I real quick I just woke up and I just remembered something I already have the 650 crystal just from
the dumb daily logins eight skins on the chest right well it
turns out I already have I already have the merrymaker evie skin haha! this is fantastic evie you continue to put a smile on my face every
day okay okay so back to the mathematics I need 2400 crystals by already have 650
crystals and I’m not in the need for 300 crystals basically 650 had sex with 300
and they produced a son called 950 and the 2400 goes nah fuck you 950 you suck
so then the 2400 gets punished and transforms into 1450 and guess what my
virgin brothers you can buy 1500 crystals for 25 bucks
ah thank God I was gonna give these guys $35 nah mate that’s way too much money
25 seems more reasonable though oh boy I can’t wait till the new update which is
probably on the 13th of November but I’m not gonna open it then instead I will
open it on the 17 of November Oh why you might ask because that’s my
birthday dumbass yep I’m gifting myself the best gift that no one can ever give
me but for now I’m gonna go have sex on a horse I’d wish you guys to have a
better day than me but we both know that it’s impossible at this point


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