How to Add a Peyote Stitch Bead to Regaliz® Leather Alternative Bracelets

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Megan with
Today I’m going to show you how to add Peyote bead weaving to a Regaliz Corduroy Cord
bracelet I have here an example where I’ve made a
slider bead out of a piece of a piece of peyote stitch bead weaving I’m not gonna show you the actual weaving.
We do have a video on how to do flat even count peyote stitch and thats
the easiest way or this one here uses flat odd count peyote stitch I’m just gonna show you how you plan it out and have to attach the beads together at the back to zip them up and use them on the bracelet When you are planning your piece of bead
weaving, I have one I really did one thing that’s important is that the bead weaving isn’t that flexible and
the bracelet isn’t going to bend where you have it inside of the slider. So don’t make it too wide this one here is about seven eighths of
an inch wide and this one is also about seven eighths of an inch
wide but I used two different sizes of beads. It’s just about how big I did it. I
wouldn’t go over an inch I followed simple patterns on these ones
and I gave them both a border edge just because I like the way it looks, clean and finished on the edges but you can design whatever you want. You can
do solid colors just be creative. What you do is continue your pattern until your beads fit around the cord like that. This one I have it pretty tight you can give yourself a little bit of leeway if you want it to really hold still or if you want it to be able to slide a little
bit more I’m going to show you how to zip up peyote stitch with your needle still attached don’t cut your threads. You want to make sure that your ending with your beads so that they fit together. So your last row should end with a low bead on the end if you have a high bead at the beginning
and vice versa if you had a low bead at the beginning and the high bead at the end so that when you push them together they fit
together like the teeth of a zipper which is why we call it zipping them up take your needle and go through the high bead
on the opposite side there and then come back to this side and you go through the next high bead and
you’re just gonna go through all of the up beads, the high beads, the ones that are
sticking up. You don’t need to pull it really tight especially not for
something that is wide this way you can go ahead and leave it loose
until you get to the end and snug it up through that last bead and now you
wanna pull it tight. You’ll flatten it out and pull it tight the seam will disappear and one thing
that’s important is that now you have everything connected accept this very last pair of beads you can see you can still go in there. So
you’re going to want to go down through some of the beads next to that. You wanna get that last thread bridge and you can work it in. It’s helpful for doing your weaving in and tying up anyway. So go ahead and weave your thread
through knot it, trim it and you’re ready to go and we
do have a video on how to tie off and weave in your thread ends it’s called
How to Tie Off and Add New Thread in Bead Weaving” if you’re not familiar with how to do that once you have that all finished up then
you slide it onto your corduroy bracelet and use it just like
a slider bead you can see I’ll go right to the middle, then you can decorate the
rest however you wanna like I did with this one and that’s how you incorporate a bead woven slider into
a Regaliz bracelet Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!


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