How to Bead Embroider a Picot Edge

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Hi my name is Julie with Today I’m going to show you how to 0:00:11.980,0:00:13.039
bead embroider a pico edge. 0:00:13.039,0:00:17.970
here we have project where we’ve taken a cabochon and we’ve done some bead embroidery
around it 0:00:17.970,0:00:21.679
and then we’ve already gone ahead and mounted it
onto ultra suede. 0:00:21.679,0:00:24.740
So now we just need to finish it, we need to cover up this edge where the 0:00:24.740,0:00:28.130
foundation and the ultra suede are sandwiched together. 0:00:28.130,0:00:30.899
I wanted do a pico edge. That’s one way of doing
it. 0:00:30.899,0:00:35.199
For that I’m going to need to repeat some of
the beads I have already stitched. You could 0:00:35.199,0:00:38.460
do different beads but I think it actually looks very nice to have it 0:00:38.460,0:00:40.940
have a cohesive feeling to use some of the beads 0:00:40.940,0:00:42.930
already used in the piece. 0:00:42.930,0:00:46.380
So to decide which beads you want to use, it’s totally personal preference. Since 0:00:46.380,0:00:48.300
I just ended in purple 0:00:48.300,0:00:51.530
I think I mean I want to do some gold and then since I just have the black 0:00:51.530,0:00:54.250
right here I’m going do some black as well. 0:00:54.250,0:00:57.380
The black beads are actually are a bit smaller than the gold 0:00:57.380,0:01:00.170
which I think will add an interesting element as well. 0:01:00.170,0:01:03.660
The amount of thread you’re going to need is going to be
dependent of course on how big of a piece 0:01:03.660,0:01:06.280
you’re doing and how far around you have to go. 0:01:06.280,0:01:09.550
For this guy here I’m going to need about four feet. 0:01:09.550,0:01:10.860
So to begin 0:01:10.860,0:01:14.130
pick up one bead with my beading needle. 0:01:14.130,0:01:16.710
I have not tied a knot at the end of my 0:01:16.710,0:01:19.490
beading thread and you’ll see why in the end. 0:01:19.490,0:01:21.319
I’m going to want to go ahead 0:01:21.319,0:01:24.060
and insert my needle 0:01:24.060,0:01:25.479
between 0:01:25.479,0:01:26.910
two of the beads 0:01:26.910,0:01:30.880
on the outer edge my beadwork 0:01:30.880,0:01:32.510
and push it 0:01:32.510,0:01:35.380
I don’t quite want it that far 0:01:35.380,0:01:42.380
I’m going to push it all the way through 0:01:42.600,0:01:45.180
pull your thread through 0:01:45.180,0:01:46.600
make sure you leave a tail 0:01:46.600,0:01:50.250
about eight inches because you’re going to need to
thread a needle on that in the final 0:01:50.250,0:01:52.150
step. 0:01:52.150,0:01:56.150
So I just I just pulled my thread so it’s no
longer 0:01:56.150,0:02:01.160
sticking upright. I don’t want it sticking
like this. I want it pulled over to the side. 0:02:01.160,0:02:02.840
Now go through 0:02:02.840,0:02:08.439
that bead 0:02:08.439,0:02:11.019
and I want it to be coming straight out 0:02:11.019,0:02:13.059
from my cabochon. 0:02:13.059,0:02:16.309
So I don’t want it pointed down or up 0:02:16.309,0:02:19.669
I want it coming straight out. 0:02:19.669,0:02:22.019
Now what I’m gonna do 0:02:22.019,0:02:26.079
is pick up another bead and this one I’m going to use a black bead 0:02:26.079,0:02:27.630
and another gold 0:02:27.630,0:02:29.309
and I’m gonna go back 0:02:29.309,0:02:31.449
through the topside 0:02:31.449,0:02:33.399
so it’s underneath 0:02:33.399,0:02:34.649
topside. 0:02:34.649,0:02:37.659
I’m going to move over about the width of a
bead 0:02:37.659,0:02:39.529
of one of my gold beads 0:02:39.529,0:02:44.309
and go down through the foundation and ultra suede 0:02:44.309,0:02:46.650
pull 0:02:46.650,0:02:51.269
Again I want this to be along the edge. 0:02:51.269,0:02:54.149
And now I’m going to go back up 0:02:54.149,0:02:59.839
through the gold bead 0:02:59.839,0:03:02.239
and we have 0:03:02.239,0:03:03.540
our first 0:03:03.540,0:03:08.329
pico edge. 0:03:08.329,0:03:10.749
So now I’m going to repeat that same process. 0:03:10.749,0:03:12.519
Pick up a black bead 0:03:12.519,0:03:15.639
and a gold bead 0:03:16.699,0:03:18.419
kind of go under 0:03:18.419,0:03:21.549
that last row of beading 0:03:21.549,0:03:28.549
go through both layers 0:03:28.719,0:03:34.939
pull and go up through the gold bead 0:03:34.939,0:03:36.819
and pull. You want to make sure 0:03:36.819,0:03:38.039
it’s sitting 0:03:38.039,0:03:39.359
along the edge. 0:03:39.359,0:03:46.359
I’m going to do a couple more. 0:04:07.099,0:04:10.339
You can see how that’s starting to look. 0:04:10.339,0:04:13.049
You just want to go all the way around the edge. If you happen to make a 0:04:13.049,0:04:14.059
mistake 0:04:14.059,0:04:17.919
don’t your needle back through go ahead take your needle off of your thread 0:04:17.919,0:04:21.090
and pull your thread out then rethread your needle. 0:04:21.090,0:04:24.370
So continue going all the way around until you comeback 0:04:24.370,0:04:26.780
to where you started. 0:04:26.780,0:04:30.410
I’ve almost finished beading along the exterior of the cabochon. You can see I 0:04:30.410,0:04:33.440
just have a little gap I’m going to fill in here and this is what it looks like so 0:04:33.440,0:04:34.649
far. 0:04:34.649,0:04:38.899
You can see the stitching on the back. I’ve
tried to keep this as uniform as possible. 0:04:38.899,0:04:42.359
I’m going to complete the last couple stitches here and then I’m going to 0:04:42.359,0:04:44.550
show you how to tie it off. 0:04:44.550,0:04:45.900
So pickup 0:04:45.900,0:04:48.279
a black bead 0:04:48.279,0:04:52.199
and a gold bead in my case. Whatever
pattern you’re doing. 0:04:52.199,0:04:59.199
Pick up your beads accordingly for your pico edge 0:05:00.719,0:05:02.800
and pull 0:05:02.800,0:05:04.490
through both layers of the 0:05:04.490,0:05:10.419
foundation and the backing and then cut through that gold bead again 0:05:10.419,0:05:12.590
pull 0:05:12.590,0:05:16.219
It’s a repetitive motion. I actually find
this very soothing much like knitting or 0:05:16.219,0:05:23.219
crocheting. 0:05:23.430,0:05:26.379
So this looks like it’s going to be my last bead 0:05:26.379,0:05:29.809
so I don’t think I can get another gold bead in that gap but let’s take a look when
it’s 0:05:29.809,0:05:31.619
done. 0:05:31.619,0:05:33.319
So my ends meet 0:05:33.319,0:05:37.570
So now to finish this I need one more black bead 0:05:37.570,0:05:41.820
so that it has a nice uniform edge and pick up a black bead. Instead of 0:05:41.820,0:05:46.179
adding another gold bead I’m going to go down through 0:05:46.179,0:05:47.740
the gold bead I 0:05:47.740,0:05:51.169
first strung. I actually want to try catch some
of the 0:05:51.169,0:05:57.650
backing in there as well 0:05:57.650,0:05:59.129
and pull 0:05:59.129,0:06:01.330
so it completes my pico edge. 0:06:01.330,0:06:04.229
I’ve got this tail which is the original tail when I first started 0:06:04.229,0:06:05.259
beading 0:06:05.259,0:06:08.009
and what you can do is if you don’t have a second needle you can take your needle 0:06:08.009,0:06:11.839
off of the string right now. You’re going to
string it onto this tail end. If you have 0:06:11.839,0:06:16.770
a second needle it’s just as easy to go ahead and just 0:06:16.770,0:06:18.520
thread that needle. 0:06:18.520,0:06:20.299
Now I want to go through 0:06:20.299,0:06:21.719
the black bead 0:06:21.719,0:06:24.089
and the gold bead 0:06:24.089,0:06:27.600
and my backing 0:06:27.600,0:06:33.910
it didn’t catch enough of the backing there. 0:06:33.910,0:06:36.470
Pull through 0:06:36.470,0:06:41.169
So now you can see I’ve got a completed edge. 0:06:41.169,0:06:44.460
I’m adjusting and making sure I like how it looks. 0:06:44.460,0:06:46.210
From the topside it 0:06:46.210,0:06:47.409
looks good. 0:06:47.409,0:06:51.150
I’ve got two tales coming out of the backing. 0:06:51.150,0:06:54.279
My needle slipped off but want to keep it on if you can. 0:06:54.279,0:06:59.659
I’m just gonna tie a knot 0:06:59.659,0:07:04.949
Tie a simple knot 0:07:04.949,0:07:07.680
go back do a 0:07:07.680,0:07:09.479
surgeons knot 0:07:09.479,0:07:12.699
Tie my knot just going through once 0:07:12.699,0:07:15.809
coming through again 0:07:15.809,0:07:18.150
not trying to hold on to needle 0:07:18.150,0:07:21.519
and just pulling down. 0:07:21.519,0:07:24.969
Now there is this is one way to keep that needle on you can just rethread it 0:07:24.969,0:07:26.610
though if it came off like mine. 0:07:26.610,0:07:28.229
Now you want to go in 0:07:28.229,0:07:31.340
take you’re thread 0:07:31.340,0:07:34.889
You want to weave this into your beadwork a little bit 0:07:34.889,0:07:38.059
so you don’t have a tail on the back side 0:07:38.059,0:07:41.800
so you can just go ahead and 0:07:41.800,0:07:44.619
weave it into your beadwork 0:07:44.619,0:07:46.169
and go now 0:07:46.169,0:07:53.169
weave it in. 0:08:08.110,0:08:11.629
Once you’ve woven it in just take your Thread Zap 0:08:11.629,0:08:14.310
carefully zap that and the thread is now hidden. 0:08:14.310,0:08:17.149
Go back to the other size if you 0:08:17.149,0:08:20.629
had two needles your needle should already be
on there. With one needle 0:08:20.629,0:08:24.049
rethread it 0:08:24.049,0:08:31.049
go-ahead and weave this tail in as well. 0:08:50.250,0:08:55.160
And use your Thread Zap again. 0:08:55.160,0:08:56.890
There we go 0:08:56.890,0:08:59.260
we have a finished piece. We’re ready to go on 0:08:59.260,0:09:02.700
to either the next step which can be creating a bail, incorporating this into 0:09:02.700,0:09:05.160
a design, you can go ahead and put a 0:09:05.160,0:09:09.220
pin back on here and call it good and make it into a
beautiful broach 0:09:09.220,0:09:10.230
but this part 0:09:10.230,0:09:10.820
is now complete. 0:09:10.230,0:09:10.820
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