How To Bead Weave a Cuff Bracelet Using Tila Beads

Go to for all of your beading supply needs! 0:00:07.290,0:00:11.130
Hi this Julie with Today I’m going to show you how to make this 0:00:11.130,0:00:13.990
bracelet using tila beads and seed beads 0:00:13.990,0:00:17.820
and then a millimeter bead in the middle. here I’ve used czech glass for the 0:00:17.820,0:00:20.570
demo. Here I’ll be using Swarovski Crystal 0:00:20.570,0:00:23.619
and it’s a really easy stitch and for me this pattern is all about 0:00:23.619,0:00:27.320
contrast. You can see we’ve got the matte
tila beads against a super shiny 0:00:27.320,0:00:31.649
bright ones which creates a really interesting dimension to the bracelet. 0:00:31.649,0:00:34.960
So what you’re going to need is a size twelve beading needle. 0:00:34.960,0:00:37.680
You can see mine are well loved and bent 0:00:37.680,0:00:40.140
You’re going to need a pair of scissors 0:00:40.140,0:00:41.560
a Thread Zap 0:00:41.560,0:00:46.740
You need some wildfire thread. This is
size .006 0:00:46.740,0:00:51.280
two different contrasting Tila beads. I have a shiny one and a matte one 0:00:51.280,0:00:54.660
You’re gonna need a three millimeter, a four millimeter would also work for a 0:00:54.660,0:00:57.500
center bead which is gonna be the strip right here 0:00:57.500,0:01:01.100
and I’d like to have it in the same color as my matte tila beads so they’re 0:01:01.100,0:01:03.070
going to be turquoise 0:01:03.070,0:01:08.000
You need size 11/0 seed beads for these middle sections and then you’ll need a size 0:01:08.000,0:01:09.440
a 15/0 0:01:09.440,0:01:12.840
which is going to give a delicate edge 0:01:12.840,0:01:14.070
To begin 0:01:14.070,0:01:17.190
go ahead and cut yourself a length of your 0:01:17.190,0:01:18.250
beading thread 0:01:18.250,0:01:19.790
I’m going to cut 0:01:19.790,0:01:22.320
about five to six feet to start 0:01:22.320,0:01:26.660
There’s no way you’re going to be able to create this entire
based on a single piece of thread 0:01:26.660,0:01:29.780
expect you’re going to have to at some point tie it off and start again. I think 0:01:29.780,0:01:33.610
for this bracelet I had to tie off and start again about three times 0:01:33.610,0:01:36.860
So just be aware of that and don’t worry about it too much 0:01:36.860,0:01:41.280
so my beading needle is really a bit tiny for this thickness of 0:01:41.280,0:01:44.909
thread, so what I’m going to do is take the tip of the thread 0:01:44.909,0:01:46.029
between my 0:01:46.029,0:01:47.810
fingernail and my thumb and my 0:01:47.810,0:01:50.160
index finger here and I’m just going to 0:01:50.160,0:01:52.160
flattened that tip out 0:01:52.160,0:01:55.470
and that’s gonna make it so I can go ahead and actually get the needle 0:01:55.470,0:02:01.620
onto to this thread 0:02:01.620,0:02:05.120
the reason I’m having a size twelve needle instead of a little larger one is just because 0:02:05.120,0:02:08.170
I want to do multiple passes through my beads and I wanna make sure that I don’t have 0:02:08.170,0:02:10.060
any problems with the thickness 0:02:10.060,0:02:15.529
So I’m gonna go ahead pull my thread down I’m going to almost double it here 0:02:15.529,0:02:19.049
just so that I don’t have quite as long of a length to work with 0:02:19.049,0:02:22.959
I have a stopper bead right here. It’s
just another spare bead I had on my 0:02:22.959,0:02:26.409
table that’s a different color than the beads and working with 0:02:26.409,0:02:28.649
pull it up all the way down to the bottom 0:02:28.649,0:02:32.519
leaving the tail a good six, seven inches 0:02:32.519,0:02:33.709
because I going to have to 0:02:33.709,0:02:38.509
thread that tail later and work it into my beadwork to get rid of it so 0:02:38.509,0:02:42.689
just a simple knot. I’m going to be able to pull
that out easily 0:02:42.689,0:02:45.409
So to begin what you do is 0:02:45.409,0:02:51.229
do the outer edge first. It might be a little
easier if you see this pattern like so 0:02:51.229,0:02:53.999
so first placed on 0:02:53.999,0:02:57.480
a tila bead and you’ll notice with tila beads they have two holes in them 0:02:57.480,0:03:00.649
I’m just going through one of the side holes 0:03:00.649,0:03:06.419
and place on a contracting tila bead 0:03:06.419,0:03:07.859
Now I’m going to pickup 0:03:07.859,0:03:09.599
two 0:03:09.599,0:03:12.279
of my bronze colored beads 0:03:12.279,0:03:16.339
one of my three millimeter beads, again for millimeters would be fine 0:03:16.339,0:03:19.829
you can do a round, you could do a bicone, whatever shape you like 0:03:19.829,0:03:21.480
I’m going to do two more 0:03:21.480,0:03:23.719
of my size 11/0 0:03:23.719,0:03:26.419
and place on another tila bead 0:03:26.419,0:03:30.739
you see I’m just going to that side hole 0:03:30.739,0:03:34.209
and another two bronze color 0:03:34.209,0:03:38.309
another three millimeter 0:03:38.309,0:03:42.819
two more bronze 0:03:42.819,0:03:45.509
slide those down so I have room to work 0:03:45.509,0:03:50.199
place on another tila bead 0:03:50.199,0:03:52.949
and another shiny tila 0:03:52.949,0:03:56.449
pull these all the way down to the base of the thread 0:03:56.449,0:03:58.929
and see what I have here 0:03:58.929,0:04:02.519
You see the pattern starting to take form here. I’ve got the shiny tila, the 0:04:02.519,0:04:03.909
matte one, 0:04:03.909,0:04:06.069
two size 11/0, a three millimeter 0:04:06.069,0:04:07.439
two size 11/0s 0:04:07.439,0:04:09.269
another tila 0:04:09.269,0:04:11.680
two size 11/0s, a three millimeter 0:04:11.680,0:04:13.319
two size 11/0s 0:04:13.319,0:04:14.929
a tila and a tila 0:04:14.929,0:04:17.889
You can see this is going to be my stripes 0:04:17.889,0:04:19.239
See how that will work 0:04:19.239,0:04:21.850
So now what I want to do is I wanna go ahead 0:04:21.850,0:04:23.499
have these all the way down at the bottom 0:04:23.499,0:04:27.179
take my needle and go through the other hole in the tila bead 0:04:28.729,0:04:30.379
I’m going to do that on the 0:04:30.379,0:04:36.629
second tila bead as well 0:04:36.629,0:04:42.830
pull that down, make sure that snug against your stopper bead 0:04:42.830,0:04:43.970
and now I’m going to pickup 0:04:43.970,0:04:45.639
two more 0:04:45.639,0:04:47.919
of my bronze color 0:04:47.919,0:04:49.979
and I’m going to go through 0:04:49.979,0:04:55.419
my three millimeter 0:04:55.419,0:05:02.419
I don’t want to go through any other beads 0:05:02.940,0:05:04.909
pull that down 0:05:04.909,0:05:09.999
place on another two 0:05:09.999,0:05:14.949
of my bronze color there’s a tile bead hole there if you can see that 0:05:14.949,0:05:19.809
going to go through that one 0:05:19.809,0:05:21.669
it’s like you’re making little x’s 0:05:21.669,0:05:24.239
with the three millimeter in the middle 0:05:24.239,0:05:25.580
do the same thing for 0:05:25.580,0:05:28.229
the next segment 0:05:28.229,0:05:33.009
two more of the bronze 0:05:33.009,0:05:33.860
through 0:05:33.860,0:05:40.669
just the three millimeter 0:05:40.669,0:05:44.069
again 0:05:44.069,0:05:45.909
another two 0:05:45.909,0:05:49.080
go through the other hole in the tila bead 0:05:49.080,0:05:52.139
make sure we go through both of the holes in the tila beads 0:05:52.139,0:05:56.500
the turquoise which is matte and shiny one which is bronze 0:05:56.500,0:05:58.939
pull 0:05:58.939,0:06:02.449
We’ve got that first segment. Now we need
to build on a row. A lot of people 0:06:02.449,0:06:05.780
have a hard time connecting tila beads. You see that they have the two holes 0:06:05.780,0:06:08.080
and you think it should be really easy to connect but sometimes it’s hard to 0:06:08.080,0:06:09.819
figure it out just because 0:06:09.819,0:06:13.689
of the orientation of the holes. So the
way we’re going to connect these 0:06:13.689,0:06:16.629
is we’re first gonna pick up 0:06:16.629,0:06:19.749
a bronze shiny one 0:06:19.749,0:06:23.509
and a matte turquoise 0:06:23.509,0:06:25.749
pull those down to the bottom 0:06:25.749,0:06:29.749
they’re just hanging out here and now that we
have to connect them. So we’re gonna 0:06:29.749,0:06:34.319
up under 0:06:34.319,0:06:37.419
the other turquoise and the matte one my needles going all the way through 0:06:37.419,0:06:43.300
it’s like you’re creating a big loop 0:06:43.300,0:06:45.539
pull that and there’s your stripes 0:06:45.539,0:06:48.919
you see it’s starting to form 0:06:48.919,0:06:52.349
I have a little decorative edging on this bracelet so at this time I’m going to 0:06:52.349,0:06:54.110
add 0:06:54.110,0:06:58.189
three 0:06:58.189,0:07:01.400
of my size 15/0. They’re smaller 0:07:01.400,0:07:05.470
Go back through that same hole 0:07:05.470,0:07:08.370
both those tila beads 0:07:08.370,0:07:10.710
that I went through previously 0:07:10.710,0:07:13.810
they’re gonna have a hole right now with nothing going through it and a hole 0:07:13.810,0:07:15.499
with a couple pass throughs 0:07:15.499,0:07:17.659
and I wanna start 0:07:17.659,0:07:21.379
beginning my next segment. So I’m going to pick up 0:07:21.379,0:07:23.830
two of my size 11/0 0:07:23.830,0:07:25.490
three millimeter 0:07:25.490,0:07:27.150
two of the bronze 0:07:27.150,0:07:30.509
and a tila bead 0:07:30.509,0:07:32.619
turquoise 0:07:32.619,0:07:35.330
if you get confused about what you’re supposed to be picking up just look at 0:07:35.330,0:07:38.770
the pattern you’re creating 0:07:38.770,0:07:43.519
once you’ve strung on your middle tila you’re going
to want to anchor your previous tila 0:07:43.519,0:07:46.689
go up 0:07:46.689,0:07:48.409
through the hole on the side 0:07:48.409,0:07:49.729
of your tila 0:07:49.729,0:07:53.279
again we don’t want to go through any other beads 0:07:53.279,0:07:58.389
pull it through 0:07:58.389,0:07:59.409
go back through 0:08:00.410,0:08:04.889
just kind of hold these in place. Keep
pulling your thread. Make sure it’s snug 0:08:04.889,0:08:08.030
and we don’t want to go through any of those metallic bronze ones. Just 0:08:08.030,0:08:13.169
go through the hole in the tila again 0:08:13.169,0:08:17.379
and that’s going to anchor it 0:08:17.379,0:08:18.569
now 0:08:18.569,0:08:22.490
keep going so just pick up two metallic bronze 0:08:22.490,0:08:24.060
three millimeter 0:08:24.060,0:08:27.180
two more bronze 0:08:27.180,0:08:28.789
turquoise tila 0:08:28.789,0:08:31.749
and a bronze tila 0:08:31.749,0:08:35.360
pull those all the way down 0:08:35.360,0:08:36.330
Now on this one 0:08:36.330,0:08:38.590
you can see where our thread comes out 0:08:38.590,0:08:40.170
coming out of the top 0:08:40.170,0:08:42.800
want to go back down through 0:08:42.800,0:08:44.870
the side hole 0:08:44.870,0:08:48.180
with the tilas next to it 0:08:48.180,0:08:50.950
pull all the way through 0:08:50.950,0:08:53.640
we’re going to go back through 0:08:53.640,0:08:59.190
these two tilas on the side 0:08:59.190,0:09:02.480
Now that’s anchored but again we have that little decorative edge 0:09:02.480,0:09:08.120
so go ahead and pick up three of the size 15/0 0:09:08.120,0:09:10.810
put those on the needle 0:09:10.810,0:09:14.740
we’re going to go down 0:09:14.740,0:09:18.400
through it again 0:09:18.400,0:09:21.680
Now those are secured but our thread is not in the right position so we need to 0:09:21.680,0:09:26.930
now go back up 0:09:26.930,0:09:29.560
when working with tilas just keep in mind where you want your thread to be 0:09:29.560,0:09:31.480
and how can you get it there 0:09:31.480,0:09:35.300
so I want to be creating this row here now so I need to get my thread there are so 0:09:35.300,0:09:36.840
I’m gonna go through 0:09:36.840,0:09:42.100
the other hole in my tilas 0:09:42.100,0:09:45.140
and pull through and now I’m where I wanna be 0:09:45.140,0:09:49.850
now I can see from my pattern I need to create this
X so I’m going to need to just pick up 0:09:49.850,0:09:51.320
two 0:09:51.320,0:09:53.030
more bronze 0:09:53.030,0:09:56.640
size 11/0 and I’m going to go through 0:09:56.640,0:10:02.220
my center three millimeter bead 0:10:02.220,0:10:03.500
pull through 0:10:03.500,0:10:05.110
crate that x 0:10:05.110,0:10:07.280
I need two more 0:10:07.280,0:10:10.460
size 11/0 and go right through 0:10:10.460,0:10:14.090
that other tila bead hole which is really waiting for me and your pattern develops 0:10:14.090,0:10:15.130
really 0:10:15.130,0:10:18.380
just be able to go with the flow and not really have to think about it. You’ll 0:10:18.380,0:10:20.040
see what you need 0:10:20.040,0:10:25.030
I need to repeat that now on this top section 0:10:25.030,0:10:29.000
two more 11/0s 0:10:29.000,0:10:36.000
through that three millimeter 0:10:36.190,0:10:42.320
two more 11/0s and then go through both of them 0:10:42.320,0:10:44.880
and now we need to start another row 0:10:45.689,0:10:47.730
pick up a metallic 0:10:47.730,0:10:51.650
bronze tila and a turquoise tila 0:10:51.650,0:10:56.580
and hopefully your starting how to anchor these. We’re going to back up under 0:10:56.580,0:11:02.420
through the turquoise tila and the metallic along the side 0:11:02.420,0:11:05.020
create a big giant loop essentially 0:11:05.020,0:11:09.540
see how this is pulling 0:11:09.540,0:11:12.540
Now 0:11:12.540,0:11:15.650
we need to create the little decorative edge 0:11:15.650,0:11:18.200
so I’m going to put onto my needle 0:11:18.200,0:11:23.870
three of my size 15/0s 0:11:23.870,0:11:25.660
go back down 0:11:25.660,0:11:28.580
through my tila 0:11:28.580,0:11:29.700
and pull 0:11:29.700,0:11:32.410
so we’ve got a nice little loops happening 0:11:32.410,0:11:35.730
Now we need to start another section 0:11:35.730,0:11:37.580
so it’s gonna be 0:11:37.580,0:11:39.770
two of the bronze 0:11:39.770,0:11:41.290
one three millimeter 0:11:41.290,0:11:43.570
two of the bronze 0:11:43.570,0:11:44.990
and 0:11:44.990,0:11:48.520
a center turquoise tila 0:11:48.520,0:11:51.860
and we have to anchor it because right now it’s just hanging out right there 0:11:51.860,0:11:54.240
do that by going back 0:11:54.240,0:12:01.240
under and through the side tila 0:12:01.250,0:12:06.290
you see again I’m creating nice loop 0:12:06.290,0:12:10.010
go back 0:12:10.010,0:12:17.010
through this hole we just went through 0:12:19.300,0:12:21.940
and keep working with it make sure that your threads are nice and tight. You 0:12:21.940,0:12:24.630
don’t want them so tight that they’re distorting the pattern but you want them 0:12:24.630,0:12:27.930
to be snug 0:12:27.930,0:12:31.100
So now we need to make the start at our next X 0:12:31.100,0:12:32.710
which is gonna be 0:12:32.710,0:12:34.520
two of the bronze 0:12:34.520,0:12:36.500
center three millimeter 0:12:36.500,0:12:38.750
two of the bronze 0:12:38.750,0:12:39.720
a matte 0:12:39.720,0:12:42.760
turqouise tila 0:12:42.760,0:12:45.900
and a shiny bronze one 0:12:45.900,0:12:47.180
pull that down 0:12:47.180,0:12:54.180
you need to anchor that to the side 0:12:56.430,0:12:58.520
we need to anchor it some more 0:12:58.520,0:13:02.800
go back up 0:13:02.800,0:13:04.359
make sure that it’s snug 0:13:04.359,0:13:06.650
I need to make my little loop 0:13:06.650,0:13:10.090
I will admit I have forgotten to make this loop had to pull out my beading 0:13:10.090,0:13:15.230
which was very frustrating so just check your work as you go 0:13:15.230,0:13:19.770
three little ones on there 0:13:19.770,0:13:23.350
back through that hole 0:13:23.350,0:13:27.130
Now I need to just get my thread to where I
need it to be which is right here so I’m 0:13:27.130,0:13:27.790
going to go up 0:13:27.790,0:13:29.980
through 0:13:29.980,0:13:33.620
the side holes 0:13:33.620,0:13:34.550
pull 0:13:34.550,0:13:39.000
go through two side holes which have no thread in it yet 0:13:39.000,0:13:40.250
and now 0:13:40.250,0:13:42.100
my thread is where I needed to be 0:13:42.100,0:13:45.610
and I’m just gonna continue doing this all the way along the length of my bracelet 0:13:45.610,0:13:47.580
until it’s the desire length 0:13:47.580,0:13:51.100
and then I’m going to work on attaching the clasp. 0:13:51.100,0:13:55.100
I’ve done a little bit more bead weaving here. You can see
I did a few more rows. I’ve gotten to the point 0:13:55.100,0:13:58.780
where I basically run out of thread. I
have a tail of about eight inches and I 0:13:58.780,0:13:59.910
don’t want to go much 0:13:59.910,0:14:03.640
shorter than that because I’m I need to go ahead and weave this back into my 0:14:03.640,0:14:06.870
bead work which means I’ll need to thread a needle onto. I have to 0:14:06.870,0:14:08.890
make sure I have enough to do that 0:14:08.890,0:14:10.890
and so this is how much 0:14:10.890,0:14:12.720
width I was able to get 0:14:12.720,0:14:16.410
with approximately six to seven feet of my beading thread. You see you will 0:14:16.410,0:14:20.570
need to go ahead and string a new thread incorporate in your bead work 0:14:20.570,0:14:22.830
tie off this one 0:14:22.830,0:14:27.000
We actually have another video on showing exactly how to do that 0:14:27.000,0:14:30.790
essentially I’m not going to show the whole process here but you will 0:14:30.790,0:14:34.020
thread another length of beading thread 0:14:34.020,0:14:35.270
you will start 0:14:35.270,0:14:37.570
somewhere around here 0:14:37.570,0:14:42.550
Go in and over your actual beading that you’ve already done 0:14:42.550,0:14:46.370
and then you just weave it back in here so that it comes out the same area where 0:14:46.370,0:14:47.930
your tail is coming out 0:14:47.930,0:14:51.810
and then you’ll just progress as if it was one long continuous stand 0:14:51.810,0:14:56.270
when you’re done you’ll go back put a needle on the end of this thread and weave it 0:14:56.270,0:15:00.870
into your bead work a tying knots periodically and then just use a thread 0:15:00.870,0:15:05.080
zap or a fine pair of scissors to cut it off so we have another video showing you 0:15:05.080,0:15:06.770
exactly how to do that 0:15:06.770,0:15:09.530
but right now I’m going to show you how to attach a clasp 0:15:09.530,0:15:11.250
when you’re working with tila beads 0:15:11.250,0:15:13.820
it’s really important to use the right clasp 0:15:13.820,0:15:16.830
just because you do you have areas where you don’t have any holes to work with which 0:15:16.830,0:15:18.290
makes it difficult 0:15:18.290,0:15:23.450
So I have this little clasp right here. It’s a multi strand clasp. You can see I got 0:15:23.450,0:15:26.170
four little loops on each side 0:15:26.170,0:15:29.830
now I’ve actually done it here in silver 0:15:29.830,0:15:33.810
You wan to make sure those loops lineup with areas where you can 0:15:33.810,0:15:37.790
actually sew it on to the bead work 0:15:37.790,0:15:41.090
So with this clasp 0:15:41.090,0:15:42.690
you can see 0:15:42.690,0:15:44.250
that it just happens 0:15:44.250,0:15:48.380
that they line up perfectly with the bead work so I don’t have a loop 0:15:48.380,0:15:51.070
right here where I don’t have a hole 0:15:51.070,0:15:55.530
it actually goes right there where I can go ahead and put my thread in 0:15:55.530,0:15:59.710
weave it around the loop back in and continue until my clasp is secure 0:15:59.710,0:16:02.130
so I’m going to show you how to do that right now 0:16:02.130,0:16:04.630
so I have a length of thread. I’ve gone ahead 0:16:04.630,0:16:06.740
and put a needle on 0:16:06.740,0:16:10.220
so I’m just going to put my needle in here 0:16:10.220,0:16:15.900
come out but I don’t want to come out through that little bead 0:16:15.900,0:16:17.150
we’re gonna 0:16:17.150,0:16:20.590
use my nail to push it aside 0:16:20.590,0:16:24.680
pull down again. I need to leave a tail that I
can put a needle back on and incorporate it 0:16:24.680,0:16:26.050
back in 0:16:26.050,0:16:27.450
go down 0:16:27.450,0:16:32.220
through this hole here 0:16:32.220,0:16:33.380
come out 0:16:33.380,0:16:35.610
to the bottom of the tila 0:16:35.610,0:16:38.650
Now if you’re not using this particular clasp you’re gonna need to line it up 0:16:38.650,0:16:42.510
and see where those holes are to make sure you exit your needle 0:16:42.510,0:16:45.120
where a hole is 0:16:45.120,0:16:51.140
and take my clasp apart. I’m only
working with half of it 0:16:51.140,0:16:54.020
Take your needle and go through 0:16:54.020,0:16:57.250
the hole 0:16:57.250,0:16:59.789
and now I’m gonna go through the next bead 0:16:59.789,0:17:02.350
through my bead work as if I hadn’t gone 0:17:02.350,0:17:06.340
outside of it at all 0:17:06.340,0:17:13.340
and find the same path my needle already took 0:17:17.980,0:17:24.140
continue 0:17:24.140,0:17:28.910
I line this up already so I know that I need to exit again right here 0:17:28.910,0:17:30.720
go through another hole 0:17:30.720,0:17:34.140
to me it doesn’t really matter if you go down this way or up this way 0:17:34.140,0:17:37.299
whatever you can to secure it 0:17:37.299,0:17:40.980
I’m going to actually go back through this again in a moment so you’ll see 0:17:40.980,0:17:47.210
that it’s very secure. Now continue along
my bead work 0:17:47.210,0:17:54.210
exit that tila 0:17:54.380,0:17:57.520
go up 0:17:57.520,0:18:00.190
through here 0:18:00.190,0:18:07.190
back down through the next bead 0:18:07.860,0:18:08.909
I know that 0:18:08.909,0:18:12.300
hole is not where one I want it. I want to up next
to the tila 0:18:12.300,0:18:19.300
so again go through the bead work 0:18:23.280,0:18:26.970
back through the tilas 0:18:26.970,0:18:28.780
pull that snug 0:18:28.780,0:18:32.050
So you’ve got that actually on there now but I’m not 0:18:32.050,0:18:39.050
very happy with how secure that is. I
want it to be doubled 0:18:39.350,0:18:40.750
exit my tila 0:18:40.750,0:18:42.500
Now I have a decision to make 0:18:42.500,0:18:46.620
I need to be on the other side. I need to be
over here 0:18:46.620,0:18:50.510
So now I gotta work my needle so that it’s coming in the same direction here. I 0:18:50.510,0:18:55.320
don’t want to cross over. I don’t want the thread
going like that. So I’m going to go all the way back 0:18:55.320,0:18:58.340
down through my bead work and backup 0:18:58.340,0:18:59.700
and this is why 0:18:59.700,0:19:03.960
wanna make sure you have a bead smaller needle to do this project and not a thicker 0:19:03.960,0:19:10.960
needle because they’re going to be a lot of threads in there at this point 0:19:19.330,0:19:24.670
I’m back to my starting position and I’m going up through it again 0:19:24.670,0:19:31.020
same way 0:19:31.020,0:19:35.020
through the hole in the clasp 0:19:35.020,0:19:41.810
through the bead work 0:19:41.810,0:19:48.810
sometimes you have to turn it around so you can
see what your doing 0:19:50.680,0:19:57.680
make sure you keep any of the tails that you have
going here out of the way 0:20:00.050,0:20:07.050
At an exit point go through it again 0:20:07.530,0:20:14.530
just continue on 0:20:20.510,0:20:23.590
That is on there. It is secure. It’s not
going anywhere and all that is 0:20:23.590,0:20:25.539
required now is to go back 0:20:25.539,0:20:29.360
weave this thread back into your bead work, tie a knot, keep weaving it 0:20:29.360,0:20:31.090
and tie off your thread 0:20:31.090,0:20:33.350
and remove the excess 0:20:33.350,0:20:37.380
one quick tip here before I sign off is if you’re doing a project like this we 0:20:37.380,0:20:40.279
have a lot of bead working that we’ve invested a lot of time 0:20:40.279,0:20:44.240
make sure that you tie off your bead work as
a solid piece 0:20:44.240,0:20:48.290
go back cut another piece of thread, thread another needle, incorporate that 0:20:48.290,0:20:51.530
thread into your bead work and attach the clasp 0:20:51.530,0:20:55.170
just because if you do make a mistake with the clasp it’s gonna be a lot 0:20:55.170,0:20:57.530
easier to pull out that thread 0:20:57.530,0:21:00.650
and then you’ll have your bead work attached and you can start again and you don’t 0:21:00.650,0:21:03.130
have to re-do any of the actual bead work 0:21:03.130,0:21:06.510
and another thing is if you’re doing a clasp like this where you need to make sure 0:21:06.510,0:21:09.370
it lines up properly 0:21:09.370,0:21:14.600
if I had this all the way done I would go ahead 0:21:14.600,0:21:16.950
put the clasp on this end 0:21:16.950,0:21:23.290
double it, make sure, I saw which way this clasp had to go 0:21:23.290,0:21:25.460
pull it out 0:21:25.460,0:21:28.710
and lay it down so I know which way I’m gonna need to sew it on 0:21:28.710,0:21:31.870
there’s nothing more frustrating than having all this work and then having a 0:21:31.870,0:21:34.650
clasp where it won’t actually attach because you have it upside down or 0:21:34.650,0:21:36.780
part of it is upside down 0:21:36.780,0:21:40.360
So I hope you had fun with this tutorial it’s a great cuff bracelet to make. It’s a 0:21:40.360,0:21:42.670
lot of fun and it’s a great way 0:21:42.670,0:21:43.270
to use tila beads 0:02.111,0:00:06.111
Go to for all of your beading supply needs!


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