How to Choose a Crystal for Someone Else

Hi I’m Heather Askinosie with energy muse
and today is one of my favorite topics and it’s on how do we give a crystal as a gift? You program it? How do you know what the right crystal is? What if you want to give it as a present? And the reason I think that crystals as a
gift are the best gift is that I don’t know about you guys but I always have somebody
on my list who’s like what am I going to get that person like they have everything or they’re
really hard to buy for and it just it also sometimes it just really makes the whole gift
giving thing really stressful and I’m like ahhh. The thing is is that why I love giving crystals
as gifts is that giving the gift of energy is always in style and giving the gift of
energy is something that normally people will keep over a long period of time and what’s
really cool about it is that whenever they see that they think of you so it really has
got all these multiple levels because it’s very customized it’s very personalized plus
whenever they see it they think of you and it lasts often for a lifetime so I mean come
on what better gift can you find that’s going to last forever? so today we’re going to talk
about how would we give a crystal as a gift and how do we pick the right crystal and how
do you know and do you charge it and all those kind of fun things so the number one thing
that you do when you’re giving crystals as a gift it’s very simple you just have to take
a time and you need to think of the person that you want to give the gift to what’s going
on in their life do you want to give them a crystal that can maybe help them on their
path or help them get more rooted into something they want to create or do you want to give
them something that is symbolic of your relationship together or do you want to give them something
that they can hold on to so that when they have this in their hand they think of you. Yeah somebody might be like wow did you just
give me a rock as a gift? well it’s not just a regular rock, it’s a
rock that was picked with intention it was picked with being very customized to them
so for example let’s think of a rose quartz this is the perfect gift to give somebody
in your family, to give your mom, to give your sister, to give an aunt, to give your
best friend, to give to somebody who just had a baby, the people who you could give
this to are endless, because really rose quartz is the gift of love and when you give this
gift by giving it to somebody you’re saying look I want to have my love that I have for
you I want to share that love for you into a certain area of your life. So number one is think about that person so
if somebody just is wanting to have more love in their life or they want to attract a new
relationship or if somebody just had a baby girl this is a perfect gift or if somebody
had someone who recently passed and they want to give a gift to be in memory of that person
that the love that they share with that person, that the person will always be in their life
so when you’re giving a gift of a crystal you ideally just want to hold it you want
to think of that person that you want to give it to during this holiday season or just in
general, think about that person and what they mean to you, the energy of love and just
that you want to put the energy, just intention of is that this is going to bring them a lot
of luck and abundance and joy and then what you do is that when you give them the gift
you also will say “hey look at crystal Muse, there’s a whole cool thing in this book on
how to program a crystal, how do you give a crystal a job and you should share with
them that when they get their crystal for them to put their intention into the crystal,
but the main thing is that you’re giving it with your love and your intention for them
so rose quartz at the end of the day is probably the go to mineral because it’s one of those
stones that it’s the energy of love and love is the highest vibration and that’s what we’re
all here to learn and so everyone can have some more love in their life so this is a
perfect crystal, another thing that’s kind of fun to do for the holidays or just if you
want to give a gift to somebody say you have a really good friend or you have a niece or
a nephew or you have someone in your life that you’re like you know what I want to give
them something that’s very customized and special for them and maybe they just started
a new job so what you might do is gather some of your favorite crystals that kind of maybe
are symbolic to you as to what they mean, they might even be crystals that you already
have that you want to add to a pouch that you can add some additional crystals, but
every crystal that you pick think about how’s this going to help somebody in their life,
is this crystal for love is it about opening up to new opportunities and gather those crystals
with intention and think about that person and then what you’re going to do is you’re
going to place a bag of tumbled stones, doesn’t matter how many you’re going to pick the ones
who are most resonant to you it could be one it could be two it could be 8 it could be
10 whatever you want to do but make sure that each crystal that you put into the bag has
a special meaning of what that person means to you, I think more than ever with gift giving,
especially nowadays the most special and the precious gifts are the gifts that you know
that somebody took the time to think about you, to think about what was going on in your
life, to make it customized that they know that you were thinking about them, but you
were really thinking about them not on a surface level like hey what does this person need
and how can I help this person and what is my gift not only like the generosity of it
but the gift of like me caring about somebody and what’s happening in their life and how
can I help to make it better or help to shift and so that they know that every time that
they have this bag that I am with them and I love the custom tumbled stone bags that
are customized and you can add crystals that you have on your own amazing gift for the
holidays, very affordable it could be great for stocking stuffers, or if you have secret
santas or you have gift exchange these are the perfect perfect gifts and their customized
and one can be done with just like a bag of abundance, a bag of good wishes, a bag of
love if it needs to be more of a generalized gift so something to think about, you can
get really creative which is what is the most fun part of giving gifts is that you get to
get creative and you get to be playful. I really really love this, these are selenite,
I talk about them all the time, but I know a lot more people are really into what do
I do? How can I meditate better? How can I just have these maybe at work and
if I could just hold on to them as a touch stone and be like, you know what? I’m getting grounded I’m going to take a couple
minutes to breathe, so if you’re giving these as a gift they can be, they hold the space
of meditation already your intention is placed upon it, may this bring them good vibes all
good things, keep it really general but also educate when you give them as a gift how they
program them, selenite is once again all about the light it’s kind of like the energy of
love, you can’t go wrong with that because at the end of the day we all could have more
light in our energy field, we could all have more of that grounding and these are something
that you could use as a touch stone in both hands which is sometimes it feels just good
to have something that is really girthy in your hands that you could hold on to because
it makes you just feel really centered and grounded and it’s nice to have something just
sturdy from the earth to hold on to to make you feel more connected. I love the pyrite so if you have something
for dad or you have the executive or you know the person that is starting a new career or
somebody who is the breadwinner of the family or who’s wanting to bring more abundance into
their life, this is a great mineral, or crystal to give because it gives the gift of abundance,
now once again with all of this stuff is this crystal going to bring them money? Yes it will because it’s coming with intention
and when you look at this it’s really hard not to think abundant thoughts and it’s sparkly
it’s gold it looks like a pot of gold, it looks like a chunk of gold it reminds you
that you have that energy within you and the thing that’s cool about crystals when someone
gives you something like here’s for abundance or here’s love, i’m thinking about you that
feels so good it’s a gift that connects and every time that this person sees this beautiful
gold nugget they’ll think of you and how you gave it to them and so you always have this
energetic connection going on and that’s hat I think is really cool about giving crystals
as a gift, is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving over time and say you know you’re
living in a different state from somebody, when you give a crystal every time that they
look at that they think of you and it’s important nowadays that we stay connected not only with
the people in front of us, but the people that maybe lived in different states that
mean so much to us it’s really really important. This one, love love love love love, kind of
look at it as the modern day air filter because what this mineral does, aside from a myriad
of this is that it helps to bring positive vibes into an environment, it’s really good
a lot of people use it for abundance it’s really good for tapping in to your intuition,
what is intuition? just tap it in to that gut feeling that you’re like, “Hey I know
what’s going on and I feel really connected to that” so when you give somebody this gift,
purple is one of those colors I don’t know about you it just makes you feel happy, it’s
really pretty, it’s sparkling, but amethyst is one of those intuitive stones it’s a great
stone if you have somebody who’s on the journey of wellness and well being amethyst is a great
stone to give them for the holidays plus if you go into any room in the house and it emits
positive energy it’s one of those stones that doesn’t hold on to negativity it emits positivity,
so this is a fabulous, fabulous stone, a couple other that I really want to touch on, I think
that more and more people are realizing that friendships and good friendships that you’ve
had for a long time, people that you have in your life maybe they’re even new but they’re
like new friends, giving somebody is like hey look this is an act of my friendship this
amazonite and this mineral is really about fluidity, I love it for women who are really
connected to the ocean and to men who are really connected to the ocean because it has
the energy of the sea and fluidity in it but this is a great stone if you have someone
who wants more creativity in life, or you have a really good friend who’s a writer and
they’re like you know what I’m feeling like I’m stuck this is a great stone because it
helps people remember to get more fluid if you have somebody who just is going on a diet
or a wellness program, this helps them to remember to drink more water be more fluid
I am here with you, remember this is something that our friendship means something and I’m
connected to you and you’re connected to me and I give this to you as a friendship stone
of creativity, I love this stone because it’s so soothing it’s so tranquil, it’s so beautiful,
no matter if you’re man or a woman, most people you can’t look at this and not go and breathe
deeper. It’s a beautiful beautiful stone. Another one I want to talk about is fluorite,
fluorite is cool because it has purples and greens and whites it holds the energy of the
rainbow, it holds the energy of peace and so what happens is that is you want to give
someone a blessing a house blessing somebody just moved in to a new house, you’re going
to holiday parties and you want to give a hostess gift this is great, it brings blessings
you look at this it has all the colors it can go into anyones home decor but when you
give crystals, giving the gift of energy you’re giving the energy of your intention you’re
giving the energy of something that’s different and unique and not many people are going to
take a crystal and throw it in the trash or overtime it’s not going to get all yucky,
it holds through time and it builds through time as it holds the energy of you and it
holds the energy of who you gave it to I am going to do a shameless plug for Crystal Muse,
only because it’s a new book that just came out, thank you to the crystal community thank
you for everyone who has purchased this book and given us the feedback that you’ve given
to us about the rituals that you’ve tried in the book that have been magnificent for
you and thank you but really if you have somebody that is really into I’m a newbie, how do I
work with crystals Crystal Muse answers those questions, if you have been on the crystal
journey for awhile and you’re like look I want to work with crystals in a new way this
is a perfect book for you, or if you have a friend who’s just into really pretty pictures
and a really cool coffee table book, this is a great book too, so Crystal Muse is an
amazing gift, accompanying it maybe with a crystal for the holiday season it just gives
information, it gives the energy of love, and at the end of the day it reminds us that
we are all connected, our intentions and our gifts of that intention is the best gift of
all, so let’s use the energy of the Earth this holiday season and all seasons so that
we can reconnect to ourselves and tot he people that matter in our lives namaste.


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