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Hi, I’m Amanda Haas and today I am going
to show you the easiest, most delicious way to cook boneless skinless chicken
breasts on the Traeger. All I’ve got, like I said, boneless skinless chicken
breast and I love to use them because they cook easily, they cook evenly,
but I’m always wanting to add more flavor to mine and this is the perfect
trick. So I’m gonna take these and just put them in this bowl so I can marinate
them. I’m using one of the marinades that I love from us. This is the Sweet and Heat. Which truly, you get a little spice, you
get a little sweet, delicious. Everyone in my family loves it.
I just want about a cup of the marinade and then let’s turn these to coat. Really
want to make sure that they’re completely covered in it. Now I’ll cover and pop them in the fridge but I’m gonna
go grab some that have already been marinating. Okay here are the ones that
have been marinating overnight. Again so simple all I’m gonna do while the
grill preheats is put a little salt and pepper on these.
Ready to go. Salt and pepper. Just make sure we’re
generous with it. I like to do it from a little higher than normal. Can you see
how much more surface area I can cover from high versus low. We’re just kind of
sprinkling along. I like every bite to taste well-seasoned. Same goes for the
pepper. Believe it or not, this is as simple as putting these directly on the
grill. I’ve preheated it to High. I’m gonna do 10 minutes per side and then
I’m gonna put a little bit more of the sauce on to let it get extra sweet and
caramelized at the end. Let’s go put them on the Traeger.
Alright, so I’m gonna cook them on High for about 10 minutes per side and in the
last five minutes of cooking I’m gonna put some more sauce on them. So I put the instant-read thermometer in
it. I’m looking for a 150 degrees and it’s perfect. They’re ready
to sauce. This is one of the best things, I think,
about having a Traeger since you’re not working over a direct flame you can put
this sweet sauce on it and you don’t have to worry about flare-ups. Now I just
need about three more minutes and they’ll come off. I’ll let them sit for
five minutes before we eat. Let’s take a look. They look delicious. They’re ready to
go. See how just putting on that extra bit of sauce give them a ton of flavor? These look incredible. All I’m gonna
do is to chop a little parsley for garnish a little bit of color. I just run
my knife right through it. I love the sauce we used on these today, but you
could even use a dry rub if you want just make sure you use a little olive
oil before you put salt and pepper, a rub on it.
They’ll be delicious. Dinner is served. For this recipe and more, visit us online
at or you can download the Traeger app.


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