How to Create a Gorgeous Pearl Finish

so you’re working on a piece of painted
furniture and you’ve got it all painted but you need something else to take it
up to the next level or maybe you just feel like it’s missing something well
I’ve got a fun solution for you that you may not have thought of and it makes
your piece look fantastic so let’s play with a little bit of sparkle today all
right this is the dresser that we’re working on today and it’s actually for
one of my friends for her little girl’s room so she wanted it to not only be
white but to have a little sparkle to it so we’re actually giving it like a pearl
finish which I’m really excited about it’s going to be adorable let me tell
you what we’ve done to this piece so far so this was actually it’s a really old
dresser it’s really cool but it had a red finish so it was a beast to cover up
this actually took three coats of Dixie Bells boss I wanted to use boss as a
stain blocker so three coats of white bath and we’ve got the stain all covered
up then I did a coat of fluff so that’s the color of this it only took one coat
after all of our primer so that’s what we’ve got on here now now for the fun
part what we’re going to use is pearlescent glaze and it is a gorgeous
pearly white color so that’s what we’re gonna use on this now we are just going
to apply it like another coat of paint I’ll show you here in a minute and I
hope you can see the real beauties and it’s going to add and then we’re also
going to use it on our hardware to take that up a notch as well so let’s get
started with the fun part and again this is going to be beautiful I’m going to
give this a really good stir I just want to be sure that the Pearl is mixed well
throughout and I’m sure that you’ve seen one of my
most popular tutorials is actually a metallic finish using general finish’s
pearl effects so I want to do a little comparison with this as well this is
Dixie Bell’s pearlescent glaze and I want to compare the two products and
kind of just see which one I like better so that’s another purpose behind this
video so I’m using a Dixie Belle flat medium brush this is my favorite of
their brushes I just love how it fits really well in my hand and we’re just
gonna apply a coat of this and I’m hoping hoping that we can really see the
pearl I just want a nice even coat over the entire thing I’m gonna get it as
even as possible so we don’t see like streaky streaky sparkles but I’m hoping
it levels out really nice and gives us a nice even finish I love that doing the metallic or the
pearl finish on top of a piece like this that has some curves to it I feel like
that way the light really picks up the fact that it is metallic so anything
that has a little bit of detail to it if it’s got a little curve like the front
of these drawers those are the perfect pieces to give it a little metallic
shimmer not that you can’t do it on other pieces I just feel like it shows
up a little bit better on those cards go over this one more time just the whole
way across it’s so pretty with the white underneath
because it really does give it a more subtle look alright I always like to do
the top first and then we’re going to work our way around the side and see
what happens okay while the first coat is drying I
want to show you how I’m going to dress up this hardware so my friends room it
has silver accents so we had this hardware that came with a dresser it’s
really cool and pretty and old but I knew if I polish this up it would just
be brass and that wasn’t going to match their room so check this out I took a
couple of products and made them this beautiful silver color with the shimmer
on top and I think this is going to go so much better in her room so let me
show you how to get this cool finish first of all we are going to use gilding
wax this is the sterling silver now you could use any any base metallic color
that you want and we are just going to put this all over this piece now I’m
going to show you a little trick save your kids old electric toothbrushes
these are fantastic for not only dusting getting all the dust and grime out of
here but also applying some gilding wax so I’m going to actually turn this on
and kind of dust this beast I know that’s so random but it works so well
and you don’t actually need an electric toothbrush you could totally just use a
regular old toothbrush I save all the old ones because you never know when
you’re gonna need it okay so dust it off a little bit get some gilding wax now I
want these to be pretty silver so I’m gonna apply quite a bit in all these
areas it’s going to bring out all the pretty details you’ll love doing mr. hardware because
it’s kind of foolproof you can’t really mess it up kind of messy and you just
really make it come to life you can apply as much or as little as you want there we go just until you like the way
it looks so already we’ve really changed the color of it we’ve made it stand out
and turn a lot more silver but I want to add a little more since we’re using our
pearl glaze over the whole piece I thought it would be fun to add some
glaze on the hardware as well and really make it Sparkle no I did grab a
different brush than what I’m using on the dresser because since this gilding
wax is still a bit wet we have a tendency to pull some silver and I don’t
want that to get back over on my dresser so do use a different brush I’m just
going to kind of dab this all over and get a heavy coat of shimmer so now it
really looks nice and silvery no this will dry and be a bit more clear than it
is now but look at that in just a couple of minutes we’ve completely transformed
the look of this hardware to be exactly what we want I’m going to do another
little knob let’s change the look of this this is also really helpful these
knobs came from a different project they were they don’t they didn’t match so we
can make them match now this aside there’s nothing cuter than little floral
knobs on a sparkly dresser for a little girl’s room all right there we go and now we’ve got
a matching set of hardware I’m just gonna set this aside and let it dry
we’re gonna go do a second coat on that dresser to really make it Sparkle and
then we’ll add our hardware and have a finished project all right we are all
dry and I’m gonna do a second coat because I really want this sparkle to
stand out it is right now you could definitely stop if you only wanted one
it’s a very subtle effect it’s gorgeous you can really see it here especially on
the edge as it hits the light in that curve it is such a pretty pretty finish
but I do want this to have a little bit more of a pop so we’re going to do a
second coat in the same way we did the first it’s really nice and pretty even
on the top we’re gonna be careful once again as we give it a second coat to be
sure that it really evens out the top okay the second coat is finished I’m
just gonna let this dry and then I’ll put on the hardware that we made
beautiful and I cannot wait to show you the finished product so I hope you’ll
consider taking your next painted piece up a notch with a little bit of metallic
glaze we’ll see you next time thanks so much for watching this video I really
hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to check out my website
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