How to Decorate Your Own #HairClip with Beads and Wire Trish Trish EETUTURIALS

hello everyone welcome to another
earrings exquisite tutorial today I’m going to be showing you how to make a
different type of hair clip okay in my other video I made my hair
clip and I’m going to show you how to make a different one
so you need a hair clip you can get it again like I said from Michael’s barns
and oh look we’re on to Nobles um eBay Amazon you can go the bead stores
there’s a lot of them over there in the area of 40th Street and 6th Avenue of
Americas there’s some bead shop so buddy I’m pretty sure you can look them up
online and I’m you’re gonna need your wire so here’s a wire because the other
way I just showed you how to use the glue and apply it which is the easiest
way but if you want it to be a little more fancier you can do it this way and
my friend ivelisse at work she taught me how to do this so I’m giving her her
credit for this but I told what she should do a video and she doesn’t want
to do a video but I’m just letting you know my friend evilly she helped me she
showed me how to make this so now I’m going to share with you and show you how
to make it so get your wire and you have your wire and I haven’t change those
flyers well you can use the needle nose plier and what you’re gonna do is you’re
just gonna bend it over just a little bit like that like this just closed it a little bit like that that so it looks like that and then
you’re gonna see there’s a hole here and there’s a hole here so you’re gonna
stick the hole here like this right they’re gonna bring the wire around like
that and then you can even bring it down again I’m going to bring it down again
and put it through the air cuz we did this the other day with the kids in the
force and it was so fun and those little grows they love this see I took this to
pull it tight and now wrap again like once or twice you know too much I should
have kept the wire cut over here but I did it so we just wind it like this just
wind it winding I’m trying to keep it down so you guys could see what I’m
doing winding its winding around but you know
if you don’t need to wind it that much you can get the wire cutter and cut it
off but this is just to make sure that it doesn’t come off so I’m just going to
take this chain those fires and fix it it’s the way I know it won’t come off
and I won’t poke nobody anything like that fix it okay so it
looks like that right there we go okay all right there we go
now we’re just gonna put the beads on now you just start putting your beads on
let’s put some cool beads one you’re gonna put one bead I’m gonna put a
bigger bead that’s like that small B this is just another way to do it okay I’m gonna put small B let’s see if I add
one of these sparkly things on like that now gonna happen is come up bring it
over like this oops wrong way it’s gonna go over like
this and it looks like it’s enough see so I just wanted to clip that way and
I’m gonna put another bead and it looks like I got one more bead on man
okay so that was like that right so now you got your beads on right and it looks
like this so now okay now what you do is you take this wire and you push it
through here pull it really nice and tight guys just like that pull it nice
and tight and then I’m gonna pull it from there
again I’m gonna pull it again through nice and tight so now it’s on this way
right now what you wanna do is you’re gonna take this wire and you’re gonna
kind of wrap it around each feed like this and and now once you start rapping you
got to go under through here like that and then pull it through see and make it
tight and then do it again go around the next beat like that and then pull it
through see and then go around here it’s this way it’s just a little more fancier
thanks to ivelisse and pull it through I’m gonna pull it through this one it’s like that pull it up pull it
through see how it’s coming out folks isn’t that beautiful then one more time
one more time to wrap it you gonna pull it through just like that
pull it tight I can use just tool to pull it tight ain’t go now it looks like
that right now see how it looks and you don’t need the glue either way is really
cool guys now you just pull it through the back of it like that
hold it why you’re tight and then you cut it cut it
let’s see if I can just cut it with the scissors cut it yes it worked with the
scissors so now you see now there’s a plan so I’m gonna close it and you bail
and there you have a beautiful clip but this part you see this a little bit this
sticking up I’m gonna do is just take this chain those PI and go around and
just make it lay down that’s it snake in a down and now I’m gonna fly a little
bit of glue there is to make sure that it doesn’t come off
all right just buy a little bit of glue there that I wanted to come off there
you go stuff to come off okay and there you go there’s your beautiful clip also
guys you can take bit clear fingernail polish and polish it and a help the
wires stay gold longer or you can get gold Clips so this is a silver clip with
gold on it but it’s really cool it’s really neat and anybody can do this
again very cool tutorial and this is the end
of my tutorial I hope you guys enjoy it I hope you make lots of paper clips I
made our hair clips please share them when you do make them post pictures of
the stuff that you’ve done please don’t forget to subscribe please hit that Bell
because if you don’t hit the Bell you’re gonna miss them and I’m going to be
doing a whole bunch of cool stuff trust me I have stuff lined up all kinds of
things I wanted to remember my channel is a how-to channel how to do something
so I’m gonna be showing you how to do all kinds of neat stuff but this is a
hair clip and it’s as you can see it’s beautifully made any kid will love you
any adult would love it it’s different okay so thank you so much again for
watching and stay tuned and I’ll see you soon
thank you so much bye

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