How to Grow Bismuth Crystals?

Whats up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory , where safety is number one priority. And today were going to make something awesome. Bismuth crystals. Lets check this out. So we got here bismuth. Look at that… It’s shiny. So we’re going to melt it down. We’re just going to put it on low and wait till it melts down. Ok lets make a time-lapse of this melting. Now we’re just going to set it down and let it cool off. So looks like a failed once again. But man look how beautiful this is. It is beautiful but that’s not what I’m looking for. Lets try this again. So as you can see this area is cooling off. I’m gonna be able to take em’ all at once. Look at these crystals. Isn’t it beautiful? They’re all different colors. Amazing. How awesome is that. And all it is – I’m just melting the metal, let it cool off. And when it cools off, it building crystals like that. Now we’re just letting it cool it off and, once it’s cools off, lets see what happen. Look at this. It just changing colors while we’re looking at it. Wow. That’s it, that’s what I wanted to see. Lets see if we can make some more. So guys, I tried to do this about six times in a pan like that, it just not really working out the biggest crystals have done this – this little crystal. They’re still very beautiful… But I want to make something bigger So I’m gonna use smaller container so it will be all the way to the top. Let’s see if it’s actually going to help. As you can see this container cannot stand, so I’m just gonna bring in one of these. Ok as you can see everything pretty much has been melted. I’m gonna shut off the stove. Now we just going to wait till it cools off. Ok I’m about to be ready to pull them out. We’re going to use pliers actually. Boom. They changing colors right after I pull them out. Lets take another one out. This is a big one right here As soon as I pull em’ out, I’m gonna… Oh. No. I ruined it. Look at that. Wow that’s a big one. I wish I didn’t interrupt it. Wow. You see how it changing the colors? Amazing. Whoa. That’s a good one. So guys this is what I got from this one. I don’t know if I pulled them out too soon or too early, but man look how beautiful this is. Awesome. Could have been even better, but I interrupted. Look there is gold, there is blue. Look this crystals looks like an alien. Doesn’t it? So this little crystals I got the first day. I’m still practicing. Wasn’t sure what I was doing. But today I feel like I have improved quite a bit. Look at this one. Wow, look at this, beautiful stuff. And this is the biggest one I have made. Look at that. Wow. Looks like it is… Alien metal. How beautiful is that. Whoa look at this. And this one is cool as well because it has… a few layers of squares. Look from this angle it all looks gold. But then if I turn it, it’s different colors. Ok this time I’m gonna to melt it down, but after it cools off, half of it I’m gonna pour in this pan. And we’ll see what happens. Pour it out and see what happens Wow. Look at that. There’s crystals right there. Beauftiful. I’m gonna let it cool off some more, but look it’s changing colors almost right away. Before it cooled off too much I’ve got here a rubber mallet. Here you go. It’s… Pulls out. This is actually really hot. I feel the heat from my glove. I’m gonna try to do this again. But I need to get more bismuth. And we’re going to grow some big crystals. And the last one it’s inside of this piece of metal. Look how beautiful it is. I like it. Wow. Isn’t it weird how this metal crystallized into this little, rectangular and square little crystals. So beautiful. Bismuth is now my favorite metal. I’m telling you. Put it over like this Fold these two inside. Boom. And then fold here inside. And then grab the hood and put it over like this.


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