How to make 108 Bead Mala Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Make your own MALA BEADED NECKLACE! 108 BEAD MALA NECKLACE Hello! Welcome to channel! This is our final video from 4 videos about
making different styles of Mala necklace It is said that counting Mala beads not only helps in meditation and prayer rituals, but also is good for releasing stress and
positively affects human well being Find out more about Mala beaded necklace on our website In the previous videos we made Zen Mala,
Mantra Mala ana Tibetian style Mala necklaces You can find them on Today we will make the most traditional Mala necklace type 108 BEAD MALA This is 108 BEAD Mala necklace scheme WE WILL NEED: Let’s begin with Guru bead element Take beads in 3 different shades of blue and
findings for the Guru bead element To find goods from this video – put into “Search” field on # SCU number of beads or findings Take tassel from the case and put the cap on it The connection is quite durable, so we do not need
to glue the tassel and cap together We should get nice looking pendant element like this String Guru bead and decorative elements on the eye pin Turn the eye pin to the side Cut off part of eye pin with cutting pliers,
leave the “tail” 0.8cm (8mm) With the help of round nose pliers make a loop Hide end of the loop into the bead hole Connect tassel with Guru bead using jump ring Open jump ring attach bail and Guru bead pendant
with the tassel. Then close jump ring back Guru bead pendant with a tassel is finished! Now let’s start stringing the beads Take thread and a needle
(we have prepared them in advance) Fix the end of the thread with the piece of sticky
paper for convenience Lay out 108 beads symmetrically in any order
(as you like it) Now let’s start stringing Mala necklace String pendant with Guru bead and tassel on the thread and continue stringing beads When all beads are strung tie a few knots Cut ends of thread with scissors Glue the knot Your own 108 bead Mala necklace is ready to wear! You can always buy everything you need to make
Mala necklace on Did you like this video? Please press “like”, subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment. Thank you 🙂 Create beaded jewelry following our step-by-step tutorials – we are happy to make them for you! In the next video we will make 7 Chakras bracelet –
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