How To Make A Crystal And Tassel Bracelet

To make this bracelet you’ll need bead
stringing wire, and we chose 19-strand for the size of our bead stringing wire
and the color we chose is gold so that it matches our gold findings.
You’ll also need beads these are gold nuggets. They’re three millimeters. Really
pretty. We have 12 of these. We have 24 peach faceted rondelles, also
3 millimeter and then we have 36 of these faceted rondelles. These are three
millimeters and this color is kind of a London blue topaz. It reminds me of kind
of a dark blue. Very pretty. We also have three mini tassels that have little gold
hoops at the top and a Bead Bug. We’re going to show you this. This is a fun
little trick we’ll show you. We have a gold clasp for our bracelet and to
attach the clasp we’ve got two clamshell bead tips and two gold crimp beads. For
tools we’ve got chain-nose pliers and wire cutters. To make the bracelet the first thing you
need to do is cut a piece of your bead stringing wire and we cut a piece about
13 inches long for this bracelet and then we’re going to put our beads on. But
before we put our beads on we’re going to use our Bead Bug. So this is the
little clever thing we were telling you about. This is a little spring action
clamp and you can put it on the end of your wire like that and if we do that we
can feed the beads on the other end and they won’t slide off of our bracelet
wire. That way we don’t have to put the ends on it just yet, we can just do the
beading. If you don’t have a Bead Bug you can use masking tape for this, but we
think this Bead Bug’s really cute. And then we’re gonna put on our beads we
have our beads lined up here in the order we’re gonna put them on I just
think this is an easy way to work I separated out 12 of the blue ones then
we have 12 of the gold ones now we have 24 here of the blue ones left and 24 of
the peach and we’re gonna put on in that order now I don’t have to do any
counting while I’m putting the beads on I already did the counting in advance. so
that’s kind of a fun tip and we’re just gonna put the beads on one at a time and
you could feed them on like this this is a good old-fashioned traditional way of
feeding the beads on I find it more difficult but you can see I can barely
get this one on and I prefer to put the beads in the palm of my hand like this
those are the rest of my blue beads and then kind of poke the end of the wire
into the opening of the rondell and they just go on faster it’s also easier to
see the bead because your hand is open there’s a lot of light so you can
actually see where the hole is to poke it onto the wire and I just run it down
the wire like that and if the bead isn’t turned up right to get out the hole you
can tilt the bead with the tip of the wire like that and tilt it right on and
I just think it’s much faster than trying to put them on one at a time with
your fingers so there’s our first set of beads and then for this design we
decided we’re going to put tassels in between these bead colors so here’s our
little tassel and it has a little loop here at the top
I’m just gonna feed that on and then feed on the gold beads they’re more
rustic so the holes are a little harder to find and poke into so I’m gonna put
these on one at a time and sometimes you’ll have beads that aren’t drilled
all the way through so you’ll want to make sure you have extra beads because
if you run across one that’s not neatly drilled you’ll want to just get rid of
it and move on to a better bead you don’t want to waste time with a bead
that doesn’t have a good hole in it and we got these beautiful gold beads at a
bead show and there’s some kind of metal and then dipped in gold so they’re not
solid gold that would be very expensive and we just like how much shine they add
to this bracelet the other beads are all faceted rondelles and they have a nice
shine tube this really adds something this brilliant gold color there’s my
hole right there now those gold beads are on there and
already looking very nice that little tassel in there and now we’re gonna put
another tassel on because that’s the design is to put the tassels between the
colors and now I’m gonna feed on the blue ones now we know we can do the blue
ones this way so I’m going to go ahead and put them in the palm of my hand so I
can feed them on more quickly the tassels here we actually made and we
have a video and step-by-step instructions for that if you want to
make your own we did it with embroidery floss so you can do any colors you want
or if you don’t feel like making your own tassels you can bind mini tassels
we’ve seen them with the other jewelry supplies we’ve actually seen that where
you can buy a whole card of them like six of them already made and they’re
darling something really cute about a little tassel now we do one more tassel
and feed that on and then we finish with these peach beads and we just thought
this color story looked kind of current and boho and then
the size of these beads they’re so delicate and that’s really the look
these days you really could make this with these with any beads but we love
these faceted rondelles because all these facets give you all that light
every time I move these you can see all this glimmering and that’s because these
have a lot of facets cut on them now we just have one more bead to feed on our
wire here slide that one on and now you can see the design of the bracelet come
together we have the 12 blue beads 12 gold beads 24 blue beads and 24 peach
and each color is broken up with one of these cute little tassels and now we’re
ready to put on the clasp to put on the class what we’re going to
do is we’re going to feed on a clamshell bead tip and the clamshell bead tip is a
little metal clam and it has an opening in the hinge there’s a little circle and
might put the wire in there you can see it so there’s a little circle I can feed
the wire up through that and I’m just gonna let that hang out on this bracelet
and then I’m going to put on a crimp bead and a crimp bead is a little metal
tube that’s meant to be crushed so once I have the crimp bead on there I can
crush it onto the wire and it will stay put on the wire so it’s kind of a little
stopper now I can trim that wire using my wire cutters and then this is the fun
part of clam shell bead tip I pull the crimp bead into the clam shell and I can
use my chain nose pliers to close the clam over the crimp bead now it looks
like a little gold bead but it’s a stopper it won’t come off isn’t that
neat and then I can use my chain nose pliers to open up this little loop
that’s on the clam shell and I can hang my clasp on there and then I can use
this these chain nose pliers to close that back up so make sure that’s nice
and tight there so there’s our clasp on one end now we’re gonna put the clasp on
the other end to do that we’re going to slide all the beads down to the end that
already has the clasp here I’m gonna slide it nice and tight you don’t want
any movement in here and I’m gonna remove the bead bug and I’m gonna repeat
what we did before I’m gonna slide the clam shell on first and you want to do
it so it’s open up so it’ll close over the crimp bead and then I’m going to
feed on the crimp bead but instead of crushing it out here we would have all
this slack I’m gonna slide it down towards the beads so I pull all this
pretty taut I’m gonna push this crimp bead inside the clam so this end is a
little harder than the first end because you want to do work tightly in
this space and I’m just going to reach inside that clam grab the crimp bead and
crimp it and then I can trim the wire like we did before with the wire cutters
and close the clam shell over the crimp bead more magic there it looks like a
bead now so neat how that works and then I’m going to take this hook and put it
on the other side of our clasp this is a little bail clasp a little screw clasp
and then I’m going to close that little loop up so that it’s secure and that is
our darling Crystal and Tassel Friendship Bracelet.


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