How to make a Sensory Bottle | Easy + Quick | DIY

(music) (background music throughout) Hello and welcome to Little Learners. In
this video we are going to be making sensory bottles, also known as ‘calming jars’.
These sensory bottles have proved to be very popular with children who have
special educational needs such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and a range of other needs.
They are also very effective at calming babies. They’re just really fun to look at
so they’re suitable for anyone. So, let’s get started.
Don’t worry about taking notes because I’ve put all of the ingredients and
information in the description box below. First of all you’ll need a clear plastic
bottle. It’s important that the bottle is plastic rather than glass to make sure
that it’s space for children to use. If you’d like to add color to the water in
your sensory bottle all you’ll need is some food colouring. On my opinion everything
is better of when there’s glitter so I’ve got a range of it to go in line
sensory bottle. I’ve also got some lovely sequins which are really effective in
sensory bottles. Here I have some water beads. These are really cool. They start off as
tiny beads. All you need to do is leave them in water for a couple of hours and
then you have these! You’ll also need some vegetable glycerine. This is a see-through
kind of gloopy liquid that makes everything in the sensory bottle
flow slower when you shake it. Half fill your bottle with water. Next,
add your food colouring. A little goes a long way and you don’t want the color to
be too dark so just put in a couple of drops at first. You can always add more
later if you need to. (background music) To avoid a huge disaster, put the cap back on and give it
a shake to make sure that the food coloring and water have mixed completely. (background music) Now it’s time for my favorite part: the
glitter! I’ve got some silver, purple and green. Next, I’m going to choose which
sequins I’d like in my bottle. I’m going to stick with the same kind of colors I
used for the glitter so I’ve got some silver, blues, pinks and greens here. So
now I’m going to add the sequins to my sensory bottle and I’m
definitely going to need more than that! Once I’ve added all of my sequins, I’m going
to choose which color water beads I would like to put in my bottle. Be
careful when you put them in – they like to escape and bounce around the room!
By now you’ll be able to see that some of the glitter has started the drop down into
the liquid, but a lot of it is collecting at the top. But don’t worry
because we’re not done yet. Next you need to add your glycerin. The
more you add the slower your ingredients will move in the bottle when you shake
it. Now fill your bottle with water almost all the way to the top and give
it a shake! And there you have it: an amazing sensory bottle. You can experiment with different colors and even put something a bit
different in your bottle. Here I’ve used Lego, but you could use any small toys.
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