How To Make A Teacher’s Gift Beaded Bracelet: Jewelry Making Tutorial

[Music] To make the bracelet, you’ll need memory
wire. And memory wire is a kind of wire that’s permanently coiled into that
shape and you can get that at the craft store. And then you also need a charm. We
chose a star charm that came with a little gem attached to it. And then
you’ll need seed beads. These are size six over zero seed beads and we have
black, white, kind of a matte gold, light blue, and red. For tools you’ll need
round-nose pliers and wire cutters. To make the bracelet, the first thing I
want to do is cut a piece of the memory wire. And memory wire comes like a slinky
and it stays in this shape which is really nice to work with because it
means that you don’t need to put a clasp on it. You just slide it on like a bangle.
And we’re going to cut two coils of the memory wire and we’re gonna leave a
little extra to be our ends. So that’s a coil. I’m starting with the end here and
going all the way around once and then I’m gonna go all the way around again, so
I’m picking up the next part of the coil to here. Now we’ve matched up again. Now I
give myself a little extra room. You go about a quarter of the way around. And
I’m gonna cut this memory wire. Remember why it’s very hard. It’s hardened so
it’ll stay in this shape. But it means you don’t want to use your best wire
cutters on it. Instead you want to use a pair of heavy-duty wire cutters for it.
Just a little elbow grease and you can cut that. This is a really fun project to
do with kids and if you’re doing it kids you can just cut these lengths of memory
wire first for them. And then we want to put a little stopper in the end of the
wire and that is because if we put the beads on they’ll just go round and round
and then they’ll come off the other end. So to keep them from coming off the end
we’re just gonna coil a little loop in the end of the memory wire. And I like to
do that with the round-nose pliers. I like to grab the end of the memory wire
and I’m gonna give it a twist. And it’s hard, like I said, so you have to give it
a little bit of muscle and just turn it and then turn it again until you have a
complete loop there at the end. You grab that again and turn it all the way
around until you have a loop like that. So you can see that I have a little loop
there now. And that’s going to stop the beads from sliding off. And then just do
a little decoration on the end of the memory wire. And then I’m gonna start
feeding the beads on from the other side. So I’m going to flip the memory wire
over and here’s my end. Then I’m going to put the beads on. And we’re just going to
invent a pattern of beads for this. I chose these colors. I thought they look
nice together. And I thought it’d be kind of fun to alternate a couple of the
colors. Like do this gold and blue a couple times. And feeding on the beads is
pretty easy with these beads. These are kind of big. Sometimes we use smaller
beads. Seed beads come in all sizes and with smaller ones you might want to know
this trick, but you can also use it for this size. That is putting the beads in
the palm of your hand. Just put a couple beads in there and then taking the end
of the memory wire and we call it kind of fishing, but you your tip the bead
onto the wire, like that. And then you can see it goes a little bit faster. It’s
also a little bit easier, I think, to see what your pattern is. So I can see what
color I need next because it’s right there.
I need that gold and a blue, whoops! I lost my blue. The blue and gold and
then I think I’ll switch patterns here and I’ll put on some whites at this
point. Just for fun. I’m gonna slide these beads all the way around to the end. And
I’ll put a couple of whites on here. Maybe not quite as big a color block as
I did before. That blue and white went almost a quarter of the way around. I
think I’ll just put a couple of these on. Just a little piece of color there. And
then maybe some more blues. And you could just make up your pattern as you go or
you can plan it out if you want. You could do the whole thing with just
alternating colors and then at some point when you’re beading halfway
through, you want to slide on the charm. And we chose this size bead because the
jump ring on the charm is a little bit big and so we need a bead that’s
bigger than this jump ring so that the jump ring doesn’t slide over the beads.
I’m just gonna slide the charm on. I’m gonna slide it all the way around to
there. And you can see if I push it up against the beads it doesn’t jump up
over the beads. So that’s a good sized bead for this jump ring. And that charm
is so cute. These came on a card with maybe 12 of these little stars and each
one had a different colored gem. We thought they were so pretty and if
you’re gonna make this like as a teacher gift, the star is really cute, because
it’s like a star for teacher, right? You can put any charm on it. You could put an
initial charm, would be cute, or pick out a charm that’s related. If you’re giving
it as a gift. Pick out a charm that’s related to the
person. Maybe a zodiac sign. I saw a very cute llama charm when I was shopping for
these star charms. Isn’t that pretty? So I’m just gonna keep feeding on beads
and I’ll do some more color blocking and then maybe some more maybe black and
white pattern here. I’m gonna feed them on all the way around until I meet up
with my beginning. So I’m gonna have two coils of beads and then I’ll show you
how to finish the ends. I finished beading the memory wire so
that I have two complete coils of beads that go all the way around and match up
to where we started. And I just made up a design as I went, kind of doing some
color blocks, and then some alternating colors–black and white and blue and gold.
You can do it however you want. And now we’re ready to finish this end. And we’re
going to make a coil in the end just like we did at the beginning. And to do
that we want to push all the beads around so we don’t have any slack. We
don’t want looseness in here so I’m pushing the beads this way so they go
all the way around. And then I’m gonna hold on to that last bead and hold on to
the wire. Now I want to cut the wire not very long. Probably a half an inch. So I’m
going to use my wire cutters. These are those heavy-duty wire cutters I have. And
I want to hold onto both parts of the wire because I don’t want this piece of
wire to fly off when I cut it. So I’m just gonna hold both parts and press
down and cut that wire, like that. And then I’m gonna make the coil in the end
just like we did before. I’m gonna use my round-nose pliers. I’m
gonna grab the end of the wire. And I’m gonna rotate to make that loop. I’m
flipping the pliers over so I can get another torque out of it. Another
rotation. Rotate. I’m gonna bend it again. One more time. And rotate so that I have
a nice little coil in there. I want to make sure it’s tucked in a little and
it’s tucked in there and that’ll hold my beads on. And it looks nice. And then that
is the easiest little bracelet to make. Isn’t it? We’ve done this with kids and
they can do it and have fun. And that is how you make an easy memory wire beaded
bracelet. [Music]


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