How To Make A Wearable Stone Cluster Using Acrylic

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to put on really big, juicy stones. And I don’t mean you’re gonna eat loads of donuts and get really fat and weigh extra stones. I mean you gonna put on to the nails, big juicy fat stones. So, we have this nail, if you’re thinking “Oh, I like that nail”, and want to know how we did that, there’s a video for that, check it out. I’m gonna use these stones. They’re brand new. I’m gonna pop some out in the lid and we’re gonna arrange a cluster. When you do clusters, you’re better doing clusters towards the cuticle area because that is where it’ll get less caught on things. You know, day-to-day life, having to use hands and things. I am just gonna wipe over with some acetone, so I know that this has got no oil on it. because obviously, I’ve just been touching it and rubbing my fingers on it. So, what I’m gonna do is use the crystal clear acrylic and we’re gonna use high speed acrylic liquid. You want one to be the main focal point and then you want to work around that. So, say we choose him and then we add one of these. And one of these. You can see that you can start creating a shape. You can use one of those for the center. Put these ones. Adam: A lot of people ask what that tool is. Kirsty: This tool has just got… It’s a dotting tool and it’s just got on it some wax. It’s just got some wax at the end that I’ve just molded with my fingers, just warmed it up with my fingers. Adam: What kind of wax is it? Kirsty: I have no idea. So, once you’ve had a little play with them, you can then start to apply them. You’re gonna start with your center stone. Your sort of main stone because you’re gonna work from that outwards. So, you’ve got him there, there you are. Make sure the acrylic is all underneath because this is what’s going to support that stone. Gonna come to this side here. Put that one on that side and then, take off if there’s any excess. Now, to this side. The reason you need to take off some of the excess is because you need room for your other stones to sit there and if there’s too much acrylic, it won’t be able to sit there neatly. Because these are pointy backs, it’ll be nice and high. Cluster will be really nice and high. That’s what we want. Press it in. Take off that excess there. Oh, I’m jealous already. You can see that I’m working symmetrically as well. You don’t have to, but think of it as a sort of centerpiece. I do think a symmetrical design looks really good. Now, I’m gonna use some of the AB stones. Just a few of them. Gonna put one here. Gonna fill in that gap there. By putting one there. It’s got to be wet acrylic that you’re popping it on to, because it won’t stick. Same on this side. I’m gonna pop one in there. Now, let that wet acrylic sort of fill in that gap. And press your stone into it. Now, all these stones clustered together will actually help each other out. They will support each other. I’m gonna do the same here and I’ll do the same here as well. I’m just checking at the back so it’s all sealed. I don’t want any edges that are gonna catch. So, a little bit of wet acrylic’s needed there and then keep it really neat around the cuticle. Don’t leave any acrylic touching the skin. And we’re gonna do one here and one on the other side. Just look at that. You need to go out somewhere now, show that off, don’t you? Model: Yeah. Kirsty: Say, Damian can take me out for lunch. Please darling, I need to go showing my nails off. Model: I know, yeah. I am gonna put a little bit of brush-on glue just round the edge and wherever I can see any acrylic. Just to finish it all off, I am getting the urban graffiti top coat and just sweeping around that big cluster. I’m not going over the top of it. And if I painted it over the top, it would take away the facets of the stones. Gonna finish off with some cuticle oil. There we are! Look at that. That’s a beautiful cluster of stones. Big whopping juicy stones. Hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to subscribe. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. And I will see you in the next video. Bye bye guys! Adam: Every time we talk about stones in weight on this channel. Kirsty: No one knows what we’re on about? Adam: The people, yeah, from overseas have no idea. Kirsty: Because we’re in England.
Adam: Because in British it’s a saying. Kirsty: Kilos.

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