How to Make A Wire Wrapped Bead Link – DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal Jewelry

In this lesson, I will be demonstrating how
to make a wrapped bead link. This technique is also sometimes called the
Rosary Style. For each bead, I will be using two inches
of 26 gauge silver plated round wire. Start by turning the two inch length of wire
into a wrapped eyepin. Slide the bead on the wire. Now, we’re going to duplicate the wrapped
eyepin process on the other side of the bead. Allowing space for the three rotations between
the bead and the loop. I find that if I give the wire a tiny bit
of tilt before I start wrapping this end of the link, it makes things much more symmetrical. Wrap the wire around itself three times. Complete the link by trimming the excess wire
with your flush cutters and tightening down the wire ends with your chain nose pliers. That is a very nice wrapped bead link you’ve
got there!

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