How to make Beaded Necklace with Feather Beads Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to channel! Many of our online store clients ask us to show, what
kind of jewelry can be made from Czech glass beads Today we would like to show you absolutely new
Czech glass bead shape – feathers Look at this wide range of feather beads! They are in such interesting unusual colors and we can
surely combine them with each other You can find the whole assortment of Czech glass
feather beads on our website For example, with the combination of matte gold and matte dark red beads you can create such a beautiful necklace! Today we will make this kind of necklace with the feathers WE WILL NEED: Use this scheme to string the necklace Measure out desired length of tiger tail wire (the length of the necklace and 5 – 6 cm from each side for the clasp fastening) Tie a few temporary knots on one end of tiger tail wire,
so the beads will not fall down Start stringing glass and metal beads Start with a metal rhombus bead, it will be
focal of the necklace Proceed with alternating matte black round beads
and feather beads in 2 colors Take attention when stringing, that all feather beads
should be turned to the same side String on the second metal rhombus bead and other
beads in the sequence shown before Proceed with stringing matte black beads, add silver
beads where needed When you will finish with black beads stringing, turn the necklace, and start stringing beads symmetrically on the other side When the beads are strung, straighten the necklace.
Check if everything is strung correctly and proceed to the clasp Lobster claw clasp consists of 2 parts. On one side (usually, on the right) is a lock (lobster claw), on the other side is jump ring Take crimp bead, string it on tiger tail wire Pass tiger tail wire through jump ring, make a loop
and pass through the crimp bead back Slightly pull the end of tiger tail wire Pass the end of tiger tail wire through 3-4 beads. It should be hidden inside the bead holes and be not visible Pinch crimp bead with flat nose pliers Carefully cut off the end of tiger tail wire
with the side cutting pliers Now, let’s add lobster claw clasp to the other side
of the necklace Similarly, string crimp bead on tiger tail wire and pass the wire through the ring of the clasp Make a loop and pass the wire back through the crimp bead Don’t hurry to pinch crimp bead! First pass tiger tail wire
through 3-4 beads and fix desired length of the necklace To make the necklace stronger, straighten it and pull the end of the wire, so the clasp will be closer to the beads IMPORTANT! Don’t fix beads in one line, straighten necklace in a shape of semicircle. In this way the necklace will be worn and the beads will be connected more tightly to each other Pinch crimp bead with the flat nose pliers Cut off the end of tiger tail wire with the scissors The necklace is ready to wear! All beads you can buy in our online store. We ship worldwide! Did you like this video? Please press “like”, subscribe to our channel and leave us a comment. Thank you 🙂 SEE YOU!


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