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hey food fans Shane Draper here.
Today we’re doing the amazing, some people call them brontosaurus ribs, Dino
bones but what they really are are these beautiful thick short ribs. So what I’m
gonna do today is just score these a little bit give them a little bit of
bite through seen a good boning knife good chef’s knife and just run a quick
crosshatch across the the membrane side, and you come back the other way just
make a nice little diamond shape. And while I’m back here I’ll trim up
anything that just doesn’t look uniform and nice. We’ll go ahead and trim out the
waxy hard fat on this last one here. The next step after we get them all cleaned
up and trimmed how we want them we’re just going to put a light coat of olive
oil on them. I do oil the membrane side so I want to give the membrane every
chance it can to cook down and get out of the way okay so the oil is gonna help
it cook a little faster. So we’re using our Grilla Grills beef rub it’s a
fantastic rub for these. Don’t wanna go too heavy you will still want to taste
beef you don’t want to be all rub but you definitely want a good coat. These
are gonna cook for a while. So for our braise we’re going to use one cup of
really good quality beef stock or beef broth. I personally like the stock
because the the vegetables, they add a little more
flavor. One cup of red wine, a quarter cup of Wurster sauce and then you need a
couple tablespoons of butter. One other thing we do mix together, we use one part
apple cider vinegar and one part apple juice in a spritz bottle and once an
hour we’re going to spritz our beef ribs okay. We’ve got our grill heated up to 250
in fact we’ve already got a brisket on the upper rack since I love these great
extensions and it leaves plenty of room but we’re gonna put these guys on the
bottom rack. What’s going to happen is that fat renders out of that brisket
it’s going to drip right down on top of the beef ribs okay so it’s just a double
win. Okay, so it’s been an hour so it’s time check out our beef ribs oh yeah
they’re starting to get some good color so we’re going to spritz with our
mixture let shovel back in just a little bit and we’ll check on them in about
another hour. All right so let’s check in with our
beef ribs one more time oh man look at that they’re beautiful.
This is exactly what a perfect set of Dino bones or beef ribs should look like.
Look, succulent juicy they’re starting to pull back from the bone a little bit.
This truly is steak on a stick. So we’ve got our ribs here. Now go meat side down
in your braise okay definitely want to go meat side down
got to get that meat down in the juices. You want a really good seal on this okay
once you start foiling it up. Use a little extra foil make sure you’re
covering your pan well and it shouldn’t take much more in about two
two-and-a-half hours for these to be I mean absolutely just fall-off-the-bone
tender and that’s what we wan. Okay so we’re gonna put these guys exactly where
they were before just dead center in the bottom rack we
have to take these things up to 205 degrees from to get super tender but at
any point you’re happy with the texture and the tenderness that’s when you
should pull them rest them for just a little bit, and then eat them. So we just
peeped at our beef ribs and man they’re falling apart that braise has done its
job so we’re gonna bring them out get them flip back over. I’m going to re-dust
them. Okay so our beef ribs are done they’re
cooled off so it’s time to cut them. Actually cut these a little thinner and
make a little better servings out of. These still have plenty of
moisture they’re just beautiful they’re tender
now that membrane we didn’t take off it’s right there but watch what happens,
it just peels right away. You can really smell that red wine, smell the herbs that
was in there still plenty juicy succulent. So let’s
give this a taste man this thing guys look at that it’s just awesome. Perfect
bite mmm get some Redwine notes in there. Get a nice savory, super umami. One thing
I want to try it on golden bold sauce here. I think our new golden bold sauce
works fantastic on beef. The elements that mustard sauce really bring up the
wine but it’s very tangi so you get this bite a little more heat it’s very good.
One of the members of the team is that just came on board about two three
months ago it’s Jenna and we’re gonna bring her in and she’s gonna try one of
these giant. I don’t know if she’ll do it we’ll see
should we it’s maybe a little bit I mean this thing’s as big as she is look at
this. All right so get you a little bite but what do you think just. I mean you can see the juice coming out.
Beautiful right now this is pretty much all bark still selected what still juicy
let’s try that piece. If you want you welcome to try a piece of it in the
mustard sauce as well. I can taste the red wine. You taste it? Wow, that’s awesome. So would you make these at home you’ve seen
them made today did you how would you rate this on the difficulty scale. Super easy. Not
that difficult. Brontosaurus ribs, beef ribs, short ribs, whatever you want to
call them they got a lot of names but they were fantastic but I’ll tell you
what I loved them in that mustard sauce, especially the grilla gold n bold. It’s
not your standard mustard sauce it’s well balanced, it’s
just enough of a mustardy bite. We want you to cook this exact recipe on any of
our grilla products and we want you to hashtag the pictures Dino bones. So
whether you’re using Twitter Facebook Instagram snapchat you name it
hashtag Dino bones. You got three weeks and then we’re gonna pick a winner and
the winner gets the new gold n bold. Try this recipe let us know what you think
I’m Shane Draper this is Grilla Grills and we’ll see you next time.


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