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hello everyone welcome again to another
earrings exquisite tutorial today I’m going to show you how to make dangling
earrings from jets a piece of wire so I have started on another video and I have
messed up and I wasn’t prepared so they’ll be doing the video and this is
what I have ready already so I’ll hold off on this part so I’ll show you how we
just I just cut the wire I just straightened it out and this is from the
bead Smith this is 16 gorgeous 8 yards and I bought this and my beads from 36th
Street and sing New York City so I think the shop is called bean world and they
have awesome things there so and also I would like to say if you like my video
please remember to subscribe and hit that Bell because you don’t want to miss
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Bell so now all I did was I took this wire and I just pulled it straight and
you know you just cut it piece of straight wire and they that’s it so now
let me show you how to make this earring and then we’ll follow and we’ll do the
last step so you take your needle nose fire you leave your wire cutter and your
bent nose pliers and this guy too so I’m just going to take my needle nose plier
put it to like the end and I’m just going to curl over to the right you just
curling it so that it looks like that and then you just start putting a bead
on so I’m gonna put on one big be one like that cuz it’s gonna look like this
one right and then I put on my space up my diamond
space up and then I’m gonna saw enemies all the cool shiny beads so basically
it’s what are you doing you just put a middle one and then this diamond spacer
right and then this B okay one diamond space up B diamond spacer how many do I have here five diamonds
paisa and then the last key is five speeds on right okay
I got that on so it’s gonna look like that so now you’re gonna just coil this
over to the right like that and then you’re gonna bring it back around to
make it look like a question mark so that basically looks like that see how
they both look so now I’m just gonna take my jump ring
these are jump rings these things right here are jump rings and I’m gonna hold
my jump ring open here and I’ll put that on Oh
before you do that first let me finish coiling so let’s just finish boiling
this let’s just kind of close this up cuz we actually came to suppose this make it straight and this is flimsy
there we go see it’s nice and closed make it straight there we go and now
we’re gonna take the jump ring right here which we have that one and take
this part and just put it on and now we just close the jump ring and make sure
that your jump ring is smooth okay and then you go got a cool pair of earrings
from wire isn’t that cool let’s do the other one so let’s just close this up
we’ll just close it then you just straighten it out because it looks a
little crooked there’s a little crooked these tools or even the bent noses or
the chain nose pliers good for straightening it out to make sure that
that part is it’s straight see it’s nice and straight so now you’re just gonna
take your needle nose plier and this coil it over a little more so that we
can close it up with the big nose plier and we just clears it up there you go
and now I straighten this out to make it look nice and straight see now I’m gonna
take the jump ring and put it there open jump ring like that see
and then you just put one the earring hook and you put on the bead make sure
it’s closed ok now you have a set of cool earrings and if it seems to look a
little crooked you can just straighten it out so that it looks straight see
some that looks straight and there you go and there’s your set of earrings out
of made out of wire these are this is a wire earrings earrings me from wire and
you don’t need the head pins you don’t need the eye pins you make them yourself
it’s just that easy so thank you for watching my tutorial on how to make
dangling earrings with wire and remember to link hit that Bell so you don’t miss
anything and thank you for watching my video and stay tuned for more videos
from me Trish okay see you later so long

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