How to Make European DIY Bracelets Tutorial

Hello! Welcome to channel! Today we will show you what kind of jewelry can be
made using European beads with large holes Czech beads from Bohemian glass will add to your
jewelry stylish and unusual accent Let’s start making Pandora style bracelet
in silver blue color! WE WILL NEED: We will use Czech beads with large holes. You can
find them on our website Arrange beads in desired order for your bracelet Take European bracelet snake chain with lobster clasp. Open jump ring with the help of round and flat nose pliers Detach it together with the lobster clasp from the bracelet String prepared beads on the European bracelet chain Attach jump ring with lobster clasp back to chain The bracelet is ready to wear! It’s so easy! Now let’s make necklace using European bracelet chain! Look what a beautiful necklace with large hole Czech glass beads you can make! WE WILL NEED: Open and detach jump ring with extender chain from European bracelet chain String on prepared beads in desired order Attach jump ring back to the chain Open jump ring on the other side Remove lobster clasp and close jump ring back Take cable link chain. Open a chain link using flat
and round nose pliers Attach chain link to the jump ring of European bracelet chain. Close chain link Do the same on the other side Now add clasp and extender to the chains Take jump ring, open it and attach to the chain link Add extender chain and close jump ring The necklace is ready to wear! Also using European bracelet chain and beads
you can easily make eye-catching male bracelet WE WILL NEED: Focal part of the bracelet is a pendant with the cross Let’s start making the focal part of the bracelet String cross bead on the pin Turn pin on 90 degrees, leave 1 cm and cut off the unnecessary With the help of round nose pliers start making a loop.
Don’t close the loop – add a bail and only then close The pendant with the cross is ready! Take European bracelet chain, open jump ring on one side Remove it together with the extender chain Arrange beads and cross pendant String prepared beads and pendant on the bracelet Attach jump ring with the extender chain back The bracelet is ready to wear! It’s so easy to make! All beads you can buy in our online store. We ship worldwide! Did you like this video? Please press “like”,
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