How To Make Fused Bead Caps

I’m here with metalsmith mark Nelson and mark has a great idea for how to make a feed caps on semi-precious beads or any bead really maybe yeah and let’s take a look at the earrings okay what a gorgeous way to take your designs up a notch thank you it’s making your own bead cap from argenteum sterling silver it’s a lot easier to do without solder and argenteum fuses are very very easy oh wow well how do you get started you started you’re gonna pick a disc it’s about the right size for your bead so like this is perfect for our 8 millimeter I would say is that right it is it’s an 8 millimeter disc for a 10 millimeter because you know what you know something too much right next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna make a jump ring that’s gonna go around the the desk for a little decorative element so you’ve made the jump ring from Argentine wire argenteum twist wire and then I wrapped it around the ring mandrel yeah it’s really pretty let’s show them what this fire looks like it’s already twisted and then you wrap it around a mandrel the size jump ring that you need to fit your disc right right right so did you just test it by laying it on the disc right I do and I just kind of get it close and then to fuse it I just need to put a little flux right here on the seam and you laid on there so you fuse the ring first before attaching it to anything right because you don’t make it round and this will go pretty quick eat it up and what you’re looking for is in battles gonna start to turn kind of oranjee so you didn’t put any solder on this it was just flux just flux right there at the seam and that’s gonna keep the oxygen away so that the seam will hold it happened already yeah look at that it’s very quick so it’s seamless it is now yes and then what you’re gonna do is you know just kind of rinse it off you can slip it on your mandrel and you can see it went all the way down so that’s too big okay so we’re going to just take out little chunks and keep doing that process until it fits around that disk all right and can you reserve the argenteum and use it again oh yeah and you can use all the little bits and pieces of decoration on something else okay but I do have one here the fits me and it fits all the way around my desk so we’re just going to push that down you got to have contact for it to fuse any kind of gaps it’s not going to fill okay all right so I’m just gonna push that down really good would you want it would you ever hammer this hammer the ring down on top of that no just push it real firmly when you start hammering you’re gonna change the dimensions of the ring all right and you don’t want to do that and you’re working on a carbon block carbon block that’s going to help keep the oxygen away and allow that metal to diffuse okay there again I’m using a yellow flux this will help keep the oxygen away and you want it to go all the way around and dishonor this is a lot harder okay people think you know fusing is really really hard it only takes an advanced person seems so easy in a lot of ways it’s a lot easier than soldering I’ve actually melted fewer things fusing then I have actually trying to put the solder because when you put solder down you’re trying to get the flow with the fusing of the argenteum or any other metal it’s it’s a set point and it happens very very quickly and how do you know that it’s fused some tase’s you guess you know right like we’re here we’d get into the right color a little bit of experience comes in there you’re gonna melt a few things okay so I think I got that so let’s check it out okay you want to touch with your tweezers is it still hot at this point right but I did let it cool a little bit if you touch it too fast it could crack okay so you let it cool a little then quench now I need to make a dome so I’m just gonna put it in my dad set here and take it down to a dome and I’ll work it down to a size DAP that’s the same size as my bead so I’ll keep going down to the same size until so you keep doming and doming mm-hmm until you get the size that you need okay and the next step is pretty critical you do have to clean that surface or nothing else will fuse to it so just take a radial bristle disc the blue ones good it’s about 400 grit he’s a nice finish and he’s gonna scrub the surface make it ultra clean and once you do that now we get add to embellishment right right so I got some pre-made Bella Schmidt I took a thin sheet at 26 gauge and cut out some little punches with the hole punch tiny punch is very tiny this parts gonna take some patience but what you can do is just take it and the flux will act as like a glue almost all right and you can place your it holds it in place as you’re working your way around now it would have been perfectly beautiful if you have stopped before you add these little dots but the dots really add a finishing touch yeah they take it up to the next level with a rope around the end you do have one level that you could stop at and you can stop anywhere really right so you’re gonna add your embellishment until you get something then get this off without man as you do so this is one that you’ve already added little dots to right and it’s dried because the next step here is you gotta let that dry how long does it take to dry could take anywhere from 30 minutes a couple of hours when you’re put just putting it on the hot plate to dry right exactly the reason for that is when I go to heat this up and no flux was wet and start to bubble and those things would just lift right off okay anything they all move around and you gotta chase him around all right we don’t want to do that no so what you can do on this one same to you that’s one you’re going to have to get around the bead a little bit so you may have to turn the block and make sure but notice where I’m putting the tip of that flame see the tip that the blue flame is right on top of that metal right right and I see that orangie flame there and start turning and now that Mel’s all glossy we’re about fusing we refusing right now and we just got to be really careful not to go any further we want to make sure I think it’s you know good infused so this really tacked down more than tacked down so it’s all the way down because what’ll happen is you know we’ll get done we were like that was cool I got all that and then one little dot will pop off so you want to make sure they’re all completely on there right so we’re let it cool just a little bit and we’ll go ahead and dump it in some more water and now what I do is nice and cool I’ll go ahead and test with my fingers and they’re all on there all right and then you would clean it up and drill drill a hole for the beep exactly can we clean it up drill it oxidize it and polish and you’re done great great project mark thank you thank you we’ll be right back with Danielle Fox


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