How to Make Galaxy Glitter Slime – DIY Gak – Slime – Goo Recipe

Hey guys! It’s Angela Coriaty here from Slimy Science And today, I’m going to be showing you how to make a really cool slime recipe [Upbeat music in the background] Today we’re going to be making some really cool galaxy slime The things that you will need are Clear glue, in this case we are using Elmer’s glue Sta-Flo starch, some fine glitter- we’re using Martha Stewart’s glitter And some water color paint in the colors that you want your galaxy slime to be We will be making 3 batches of slime – each a different color In each of the batches you will be using a 1/2 a cup of Sta-Flo starch 1 clear bottle of Elmer’s glue – 5 ounces Some glitter and a color In the first batch we will be using a dark blue Now you’re going to pour your clear Elmer’s glue into the bowl Now you’re going to add as much glitter as you want into the clear Elmer’s glue Now you’re going to add some of your water color paint- We’re starting with the blue Get your spoon [clank] and mix it all up [Stir, Scrape] Now you’re going to slowly add in your starch while stirring the glue But remember: The more starch that you add the more dense it will be The less starch the more slimy it will be [Stir] I’m going to take it out And you’re going to wanna play with it for a while Because at the beginning it’s really sticky But the more thoroughly that you play with it, the more firm it’ll be Now you’re going to set it to the side And you’re gonna want to wipe your hands off and then play with it a little bit more So it’s less sticky Now that your hands are all cleaned off, you’re gonna want to play with your slime for a little bit The more that you play with it, the less sticky that it’ll become Now, we don’t have pink watercolor paint But we do have red and white And red and white together makes pink So I’m gonna pour out a lot of white and a little dab of red Now I’m gonna play with it until it’s not sticky anymore Now you’re gonna set it to the side Now, I’m gonna make the light blue part of the galaxy slime You will need 5 ounces of clear Elmer’s glue, 1/2 cup of Sta-Flo starch The glitter that you want to use and any light blue Before I go, I’m gonna teach you guys how to make a really cool trick You can blow a bubble in your Gak So all you gotta do is take a straw Stick it in the Gak And then pinch around where you put the straw [Laugh] Oh my gosh, that’s so cool Thank you for joining me on Slimy Science Don’t forget to like and subscribe Bye!


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