How to Make Hemp Jewelry : Making a Braided Knot Hemp Bracelet

Hi I’m Karen for Expert Village now we’re
going to make a braided bracelet here’s a rule of thumb for measuring a braided bracelet,
take the cord and wrap it loosely around your hand 3 times, 1 2 3 and then we’ll cut that.
Now measure another length of that, same length and double it, fold it in half, and double
it and cut it there. Now put your one that’s folded in half and your single strand and
we’re going to tie the loop and for our start leaving that loose end there is fine. And
tie it nice and tight about 1/2 loop nice and tight, now you can trim out not to close
to the knot, trim it off right about there. And then secure it to your post, now this
one its a regular braid so you have your 3 pieces and you take the right over the center
and the left to the center and you keep going alternately to the center. Most people need
how to braid but I’ll show you how to add the beads to this braid. Let’s get a little
further down, continue to braid to the center, to the center, to the center, to the center.


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