How to Make Invisible Thread Loops at Home (For Magicians Only!!!)

you what up guys where height promised
your pet goat attitude for how to tie your own group out of invisible lowest the thread from
so it’s been too late to book better day than never right so first you need the your invisible death threat
some additions works I’m not a magician’s work so I’m using
got it in the peace over blue truck and for demonstration purposes I’m I’m not
to use our normalish soon thread for the camera to
catch it and for you to learn how to tie the knot okay so first off you want to better coat of this P so loser column addition
looks into two pieces like this try to make it as equal
as possible or try to make it a good size like this thank the spread gonna sure put them put those aside to cool and just about this gentleman is it worth said that’s something to try to get this in
on time it’s not as easy as it seems on are your should take for worker who are care not sure if the coyote Gulch this
but I have them is with child right to my hands so up to you us strip out the in this
installment you want to move each piece of the end and magicians works to the thread just like this me if you can see that missus 1&2 let me get the other and we know after you connect more for the only this
home going over to playing ground a klutz you want to
connect connect both of the in conditions arts I miss after
you connect them both the of tourism they are you you have you basically have a loop but
it’s connected to the magicians works at the end you want to tie a knot and to an Oct and
you move the year P SAV locks so whom and put the loop around the wrist like this as if it’s a bracelet camera and after that the unsure UN the Norman soon through it okay after I got this enormous will include connected together with the peace rocks you want to put it down US and then you
want to learn Brampton both sons to their own your
index finger on hold it like this exactly like this after in this position
you want to fruity cure left town in leftist and grow up the thread thing this with you
index finger for you I’m sorry and pension to pushing so musically of what you know
there’s I can explain this sure your this are this in this pinch after this you’re into through this
piece of toast thread into the other end to the other
side of like clear and then you want to insert
it in this loop so its music like this and then you
insisted in this new use the small group so you create a lot you know it’s just the soviet think this and then you got it off but I show you on what
time to avoid confusion hair over for sure this one in stone occur menu just tie the knot like this thank
you judy re: get services or on the phone this say
criticism and I carted I list broker so to me more now not difficult with the a lot more difficult to the norman
Miller invisible threat but to with a little bit of practice you
shouldn’t get it done in no time okay thanks


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