How To Make Polymer Clay Crayon Beads Tutorial

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today’s PcT Mini Tute, I’m gonna show you how to make Polymer Clay crayon beads. Now I’ve been making these kind of beads using
crayons for a long, long time, but recently somebody found an old post from our blog and
pinned it on Pinterest and it’s been going crazy, so Doug said ‘why don’t you do a
new video’ and I said, ‘Okay’, so that’s what we’re doing. Now, all you need is some Polymer Clay, and
I’m using Premo! White Translucent, and you could use… well the Translucents really are the best
to use for this situation, but you could use the other ones, it would just have a little
bit different look. And then you need some crayons, now I have
a big bag of broken crayons…and you know, when you have kids you have stuff and crayons,
and my Mom… I think my Mom contributed to this, she’s
an elementary school teacher, I don’t think my kids have broken this many crayons because
when I looked at Willow’s box of crayons, they were all perfect. So I’m thinking that bag…I can’t remember
where it came from, but I think it came from some other kids as well as mine, so anyways,
all you need is some crayons. Now here are some beads that I’ve made using
crayons, these were with some sorta no name brand crayons that didn’t have a lot of pigment
in them, and I’m gonna show you a different… beads made with…using like a good brand
like Crayola, Crayola has more pigment in the wax than some of the other brands do,
so if you really wanna big punch of color, you’re gonna want to use one of the better
crayons like Crayola. And I have a bead out of the oven, I wanna
show it to you now because I think it’s still warm, here’s one done with some Crayola crayons,
and it’s a little bit melty on the bottom, oh it’s starting to dry now, it’s cooled off
a bit, but the crayon had melted underneath and I was gonna catch it when it was still
warm and wipe it off, but here you can see…I think what I’ll do is just warm that up with
the heat gun, and then wipe off the melted crayon. But on this side, what you can see is the… I used some fairly large chunks of the crayon
in here, and it gave an overall look, but then it also gave kind of a pitted look where
the crayon has melted out and dripped down…obviously, to the backside. And then you get this almost like the old
candles with the wax in it, you know…or no, candles with wax, of course candles have
wax, I mean the ones where you put the ice cubes in it and then the ice cubes melt away
and you get that sort of holey-candle thing going on, I don’t know if you were…if you
were around in the 70’s, you would know what I was talking about. Anyways, I’ll show you how to make them, what
you do is you take some Translucent Clay and warm it up, I was kneading this up a little
while ago, then you take some crayon, and I’ve got some chopped up here already, you
can either use like an old grater, and then just grate it up like this, or you can just
use your clay blade or a razor blade or something and just take off chunks of the Red crayon,
and I’m just taking some White, some…I don’t know what color they called it, that…it’s
called Blue Green…that dark one was called Blue Green, and then this one is called Sea
Green and I’m just taking chunks of it off, and the larger the chunks are, the more of
that ice melted effect you get, and the smaller the chunks are, the more it tints the clay. You could use one color, you could 20 colors,
you would have more of a confetti look if you used lots of colors, some colors will
melt really well some won’t, so you get some crayons chopped up and you just mix it in,
it’s pretty simple, you can put lots in or just a little bit, you can have some on the
outside of your bead if you want, you can work it all in. I wouldn’t run this through your pasta machine
because those chunks are gonna be hard on the rollers, and you don’t want extra chunks
of stuff getting caught in the scrapers and things like that, but that’s all you have
to do, then you would shape it into… mix it up properly, so I would either use my NEVERknead
which I have right there, or because this is quite warm already, I can just do this
in my hands, ‘cause most of you won’t have the NEVERknead quite yet. Alright, so can you see that, it’s mixed in
through, you can mix it in really well or not, and then you just break off a chunk and
then make it in to whatever shaped bead that you want. Now when you bake it, you’re going to want
to…if you’re making a bead, you’re gonna want to put some paper underneath in your
bead rack, because, some of it could drip out as it melts…the wax, so I’m just gonna
do this really quick, and I would try to avoid getting fingerprints all over my bead, but
I don’t have a lot of time right here, but you would just…ok, then you would just set
it on the bead rack and let it drip through. As you can see, this is using exactly the
same colors as I did for this one here, and you can see it does change quite a bit, it
does tint the Translucent clay, the Translucent isn’t terribly Translucent ‘cause there
is some… the wax crayons are opaque, but you get this really cool, almost stone like
effect, you could also mix in some other things as well, if you like. But the crayon beads are a great way to use
up your old crayons, the broken ones or, you know, a new set if you want, you can empty
out your crayon sharpener too if you wanted, use up all those little bits, and you can
bake up some really great looking Faux Stone type beads with… using crayons. I hope you like that, if you did, do let us
know. And if you have suggestions or ideas, things
you’ve might have seen on Pinterest or other places that you would like me to try out,
then do let me know that in the comment section below. And don’t forget we have a great resource
over at where you can find all the answers to your Polymer Clay
questions. We’ll see you next time and bye for now.


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