How To Make The Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet

today we’re going to show you how to
make the ultimate survival bracelet alright guys welcome back to the Pilate
Patriot Channel now today we’re going to show you how to make the ultimate
survival bracelet most you’re probably already familiar with paracord bracelets
probably already have one of your own but this is not your typical paracord
bracelet and I’ll show you why here in just a minute and then we’ll give you a
demonstration on how to make this for yourself and we’ll talk about the
purpose of having something like this and how it could benefit you in a
survival situation now I’m sure you already know there are a million and one
uses for paracord from using this fishing line to tying up tents and
shelters and things like that really a million and one different uses
for this and there’s plenty of videos on YouTube that will tell you the uses for
paracord now one of the things that’s special about this bracelet is the type
of paracord if you’re familiar with paracord already paracord is a type of
cordage that has been used in the past for military parachutes and things like
that and the reason people like it and use it a lot in survival situations and
for rope and things like that is because it is extremely strong for its size you
know standard 550 paracord is a pretty small cordage but because of the way
it’s made it has a strength that can withstand 550 pounds of weight that’s
why they call it 550 cord now just a quick note guys I am gonna put links to
all these things in the description below so you can get one for yourself
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every time we upload new videos but like I said this isn’t your typical 550 cord
this is what you would call survival cord or wilderness cord now as you can
see it has your typical seven strands of nylon cord inside but it’s got some
extras in there and those extras actually make it even stronger so this
wilderness cord actually has the strength of 650 pounds
not just 550 like regular paracord now here’s a close-up of what you’ll find
inside of this wilderness cord so like I said you’ll have your typical seven
strands of nylon cord that you see in all 550 cord and this can be used as
fishing line you can pull these out individually and use them by themselves
it also has this Dyna X cord right here Dyna X is a material that you’re
starting to see in a lot of bulletproof vests and things like that because it’s
so lightweight and so strong now this right here this Dyna X is going to be
lighter weight than the typical nylon cordage and it’s also going to be twice
as strong the next thing you see here that red it’s called a nano air mid
cordage now this is a Kevlar product and this cordage here by itself has a
hundred and ten pound strength it’s also very very heat resistant up to 900
degrees this can be used to hold up cooking pots and things like that there
are a lot of good uses for that as well and what you see right here that is a
waxed jute twine and you can see here if you pull that wax off you can start to
fray that jute twine and that’s what that’s for it’s meant to be used as a
fire starter and what the wax does is just keeps it waterproof or mostly
waterproof so when you pull this out of your paracord you can scrape that wax
off and fray that twine and it’ll take a spark really well in the wax will
actually help it burn longer so that wax you turn is going to be a great fire
starter and I don’t have to tell you how important it is to have a good fire
starter with you so if you’re wearing this type of bracelet then you always
have a way to start a fire and last but not least you got a ten pound
monofilament fishing line where with regular paracord you would have to use
one of these nylon cordage and try to make that work as fishing line
the survival cord or wilderness cord will have actual fishing line in it now
one of the other great features of this bracelet is the buckle
and if you can see here the book will actually has a Ferro rod and scraper
inside of it so this firestarter paired with the jute twine in there you have a
self-contained fire kit right there on your wrist now I’ll demonstrate this and
actually make a fire with it later but pretty self-explanatory you just
unbuckle it and then you use the scraper to scrape that Ferro rod and it’ll spray
sparks the buckle also has a whistle on it this is a nice loud whistle I’ll take
it off camera and blow it so you can hear it so obviously the whistle will
come in handy in an emergency if you need to signal for help or something
like that that was a will help get people’s attention and a couple other
things you’ll see I have on here is some Ranger bands now a ranger band is
basically just a rubber band or like a bicycle tube cut down and it can be used
for a lot of things primarily you can use it just like you would a rubber band
or its purpose on the bracelet is to attach other things that aren’t woven
into it and I’ll show you that in a minute I actually have it’s something
hidden in here underneath this Ranger band also this stuff is a really great
firestarter so if you can light this on fire it’s going to burn for a really
long time now last but not least I’ll go ahead and open this I do have a little
hidden tool right here underneath that Ranger ban so let me get that Ranger
band out of the way and what you see here is a handcuff key and I just have
it shoved up in here underneath a couple of those strands of the paracord and I
hold it down and keep it hidden with that Ranger band to make sure it doesn’t
come out now this is what it looks like outside the bracelet and keep in mind
guys I am going to put links to all these things in the description below
now why would you want a handcuff key in your bracelet now first off let me tell
you I’m not advocating any of you escaping or evading the police if the
police have you in custody you probably have done something wrong so this is not
for that purpose the only reason you would need to have
your own hidden handcuff key is if someone other than the police tried to
put you in handcuffs you would have a way to get out and that’s more of an
emergency situation without rule-of-law somebody may try to put you in handcuffs
and if you are wearing this bracelet then you will potentially have a way to
get out of it and you’ll just stuff it right down in there and it’s nice and
hidden and out of the way all right now as you can see it looks just like a
normal pair cord bracelet to the average person unbeknownst to them there is an
entire survival kit right here on your wrist now let me get in here and show
you how to make this and then we’ll demonstrate some of these things like
that firestarter and make sure you have enough paracord you’re going to need
about a foot per inch of bracelet so once you have that you’re going to fold
it in half and you’re going to take that fold it in and you’re going to feed it
through one one side of your buckler and once you feed it through a little bit
you’re gonna grab the paracord from the other side and pull it through all the
way until that loop tightens securing it to the buckle then you’re going to take your other two
ends and feed it through the other side of the buckle and once you’re sure you
have the right size you’re gonna unbuckle it and try to hold
it there so you can keep that spot you know what you’re going to do is you’re
going to separate it so you have your inner bracelet band in the middle and
the two loose ends separated on the right and left side you know it doesn’t
matter which side you start with I started with the right side so you’re
going to take that right side and you’re gonna cross it over the two middle
strands once you’ve done that you’re going to take the left side you’re going
to cross it over top of the right side and under and behind and you’re going to
pull it out through that loop you created on the right side feel free to
pause this anytime so you can keep the pace and once you’ve pulled it through
you’re gonna pull it start to pull it tight while you work that knot up closer
towards the buckle and once you get it where you need it just go ahead and pull
it tight and once you’ve got your first knot done you’re gonna repeat the
process but you’re gonna start on the opposite side cross it over the middle
you take that right side you bring it over top of that strand and then you’re
going to bring it behind and around and back through that loop you created and
you’re gonna pull it out and then just pull it tight and just like you did
before you’re gonna work that knot up nice and tight to the one above it and
then we’re gonna go back and start on the right side and you’re just gonna
repeat this process all the way down until you get to the bottom of your
bracelet now once you get down to the bottom of your bracelet you can see I’m
getting pretty close here so I’m just going to continue time that knot
alternating sides each time until I get all the way down to my next buckle now
once you’ve completed that final knot and you’ve got it nice and tight and
you’re all the way down to your other buckle you’re gonna take your scissors
and you’re gonna cut off those loose ends you leave about a quarter inch
of paracord sticking out that’s what you’re going to melt down later to make
sure it stays in place and doesn’t unravel and once you’ve got both sides
cut you’re going to take your lighter and you’re going to start to heat it up
you can go ahead and put the flame right on it if you want to I like to do that
to get a nice dark black in but go ahead and put your flame right on there and
you’re just going to start the milk know as it melts down and get some nice bead
of melted paracord pretty close to the end you’re going to take your lighter
and you’re just going to flatten it down with your lighter and get it nice and
smooth up against the bracelet and you’re just going to do that for both
sides and once you’ve got both sides melted and flattened out you should be
good to go on that will prevent it from unraveling but it is pretty easy if you
want to to pull that out and unravel your bracelet if you need it in a
survival situation now we’re going to go ahead and take our handcuff key and our
Ranger band and I’ll show you how to put that on there first thing you need to do
is just go ahead and break apart that key so you can separate the key from the
coin and then you’re gonna take your Ranger band and you’re gonna feed it
over and then that’s going to be very tight so it may take a little work to
get it down to where you want it but on just pull it over and stretch it into
place now I don’t have this part on video but once you get it down to where
you run it you can put anything you want under there in our case we’re putting
we’re just gonna shove a handcuff key up under there to keep it secure it in
place and hidden but you can do that with anything you can put a little
compass button under there or really anything you want to all right guys now
for the fun part we’re gonna do a little demonstration here so we’re gonna take a
piece of our jute twine and I’m just going to take my knife and I’m just
going to start to scrape off some of that why
that’s on there and we’re gonna start separating that’s one all right so then
they’ve kind of got us separated got a little ball of twine here we’re gonna
see if we can get a fire started you know once you got that scratched off you
should be able to get pretty good spark going
now let’s get down here close and see if we can’t get this to light there we go all right you see it worded definitely
on it wasn’t that easy you know but it worked
all right guys no that is how it’s done so I hope this videos helped you out if
you have been wanting to make a survival bracelet or if you wanted something
that’s just gonna be a little bit more helpful to you than your average
paracord bracelet this is a great way to do it so hope this has helped you guys
out like I mentioned before I’m gonna put a link to all these things in the
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