How to String Rose Petals garland || Easy Method to make garland Rose Petals || Rainbow Rangoli

Hello Viewers, Welcome to Rainbow Rangoli Lets see how to make a beautiful garland with rose petals To make this rose petal garland, I have got a bunch of pink colour roses You would also require some thread, needle and a pair of scissors Insert the thread of required length into the needle and keep it ready To take the petals from the roses, take a rose and hold all the petals together in one hand and gently move it back and forth All the petals with come off from the stem. Now we need to select the petals of uniform size. Also, discard the damaged and dried rose petals The innermost petals will be smaller in size. Keep that aside Now we have got a same size rose petals for making the garland Lets start with stringing the rose petals Cut around 2 pieces of 1/2 inch length of the Rose stem and keep it ready Take the needle that contains the inserted thread and make 2 -3 knots at the end to secure it Now insert the cut portion of the rose stem into the needle and drag it to the end of the thread. Doing this will help the rose petals from falling off Take a rose petal and make a fold inward at the right side of the petal, make another fold at the left side and roll it Hold the folded rose petal firmly and insert the center part of it into the needle Repeat the same process and insert the next rose petal and position it at an angle next to the previous rose petal Rose petals will be very soft. So it has to be handled gently Make sure you insert the center of the rose petals into the needle, only then the finished garland will look perfect Keep arranging each of the inserted rose petals to get a round shape Keep repeating the process and insert the rose petals till the needle gets filled Hold the needle in one hand and gently slide the inserted rose petals through the thread and drag it till the end Keep repeating the process and insert the rose petals for required length This method of rose petals garland is easy to do even for beginners Many colours of roses like yellow,orange,red,pink and white are available in the market. You can make the same garland in the colour of your choice Now the required length of flower string is done. Insert the another portion of cut stem into it Make two knots around the stem to secure it Cut off the excess thread on both the sides Beautiful rose petals garland is now ready. I have used 10 roses to get a string of this length This rose petal string can be used for bridal hair decorations or it can be used for a special ocassions matching the colour of the sarees or dresses


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