How to Super-Secure Gems and Caviar Beads | Jewelry nail art tutorial

Hello and welcome today we will be doing
this jewelry setting design. I will need background for it. I already have a
light blue gel polish. I applied two coats and sealed it with a top coat and
cured it and also we will need a blue rhinestones and then blue caviar beads
for this design. Also I will be using Akzent’s gel play “Bling on”. This is the
thick consistency gel or if you don’t have one you can use any other builder
gel with a thick consistency. I think it works the best for this kind of design
as they will not move around. Also I will be using natural brush number two I’m
starting my design by creating half circle on the top. Then I create another
half circle on the right side. At this moment do not worry about the lines they
should not be really perfect. This is just the foundation for our design and
then I create another circle and in the intersections of the circles I will add
a little more gel so I can place the rhinestones right there. I will use a
Crystal Katana pickup tool for the rhinestones and also I used this
triangle container this is really convenient to work with one. We will
start by placing the larger sizes I will use SS 7 SS 5 and 3 so I place the
biggest one in the center and the smallest one on the sides. It’s
really up to you where you want to place them but I personally prefer to place
them in the intersections of these circles and also to the sides. Now it’s
time to place some caviar beads so I am taking a small amount of the “bling on”
gel or like I said you can also use any thick consistency builder gel. I place
this drop on the paper *you can use the regular paper from the forms* right here
and then we will take a caviar beads and mix them. So we need to create some kind
of mixture make sure that each cave your bead is completely covered with the gel.
If they are good quality they will not lose their color or anything and by
creating this mixture we will secure them for weeks. Also it will be so
much easier to work with them. After we mix them it is time to apply. I’m
taking a small amount and place them between the rhinestones. First I
simply place them in the areas where I want these caviar your beads to be. After that we will work on shaping them I really like this method because… of
course, yes, you can simply apply the gel on the tip and then it can take the cave
your beads one by one… but just imagine how long will it take! By creating a
mixture first of all we kind of glue them together already which will create
a better adhesion. Also it’s so much easier to work with this kind of designs
when you don’t really need them to be placed one by one. When you feel like
you need to add some additional rhinestone or move them around just feel
free because with this thick gel they do not move around they do not flow and you
can easily shape them I also prefer to put caviar beads between the rhinestones
This will make it look like it’s a setting like it’s a jewellery and also
in terms of adhesion it helps them to stick better as the more things and
details we have around our rhinestones the better they will last. When you are
happy with the amount of the rhinestones then we can take the same brush, make it
clean and then shape our lines. I personally prefer to make them thinner
in the center and a little wider as they go closer to the rhinestones
and also I like to add more caviar beads in the corners because it will make look
like this jewelry is actually going outside the nail. Also it gives us
opportunity to make it on the other nails to make it look like this jewelry
is spread on the several nails so I’ll finish them in the corners. This is
how I make sure that they will not go on top of each other you can use your
finger but make sure you’re wearing a glove. Also we can use the silicone brush
to clean the access gel which goes outside the caviar beads or the
rhinestones because after working it will look a little messy as we move
them around and simply add a little bit of cleanse. This is how we will clean
them outside. If you don’t have a silicone brush you can also use a orange
wood stick or any other brush. But don’t use your favorite gel brush as after
pouring it with cleanse it will not work as good so I recommend to use some
separate old brush that you don’t really like or the silicone brushes work the
best because you they can also shape it a little and clean it pretty well. Once we cleaned all the gel outside then we need to cure it in LED for one minute.
After curing I’m taking no cleanse gel topcoat and applying it right on top of
the caviar beads and outlining them and every rhinestone. After this step
they will be secured for weeks until the next refill and honestly we could stop
at the previous step – simply remove the sticky layer from the
gel and that’s it! But if you will do it like this then every single caviar bead
will stay exactly at its place. If you want to learn more tips and tricks on
working with the rhinestones, on securing them and have more ideas on what you can
do with the rhinestones, Check out my free “Bling
webinar”. I will leave the link down below and you can watch it! I am carefully
outlining them. You don’t really need to apply too much gel top coat as you can
see I’m doing this in a very small amount just make sure they are all
outlined and secured. If you add it to gel somewhere also you can clean
it by using the same clean brush or we can use the silicon brush to clean the
excess gel and then we need to cure it and this is how the result looks like
this is another one I previously did and you can use different colors you
don’t need to stick to only one! You can do it in multiple colors, you can use
different backgrounds and here are some other examples of the designs that I did.
Thank you so much for watching this video. Please let me know which color do
you like the most with this design. Do not forget to subscribe as on my
channel I post nail art tutorials tips and tricks every week. See you in my next
video! bye

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