How to Use a Selenite Crystal with Heather Askinosie

Hi I’m Heather Askinosie with Energy
Muse and today we’re going to talk about Selenite there are a couple crystals
that I think every human being needs to have in their crystal tool chest and
Selenite is one of them! The reason why is is that when you hold a piece of
Selenite, you feel it’s high vibration. It is a crystal that is able to clear your
energy field. It helps to make you feel light, but when I have Selenite on my
body, and I put it on my body at night time before I go to bed to clear the
energy of the day, I feel amazing. I like to put a piece over my chest to help
clear the energy of the day away. I also like to clear my energy where I
almost feel like I’m brushing my energy field and I’m brushing off anything that
no longer serves me or anybody that energetically got attached to me
during the day and I’m just kind of brushing my energy field with white
light. For a sleep remedy, I love to put a piece of Selenite under my pillow or
under my mattress, so if you have a room in your house that seems as if it’s kind
of dark and stagnant, Selenite’s the stone you want to bring in because it’ll bring
light to any room that feels stuck in dark. To cleanse Selenite, I often will
smoke it with sage or put it out in the Sun to re-infuse its energy.
You really don’t want to put Selenite in water because it will dissolve. When I
work with Selenite, the mantra that I say is: I am clear. I am clear. I am clear.
And this stone helps to clear your energy field and it helps to clear
your mind and it helps you to just be in a state of connection.


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