How to Use Bead Tips To Finish Your Jewelry-Friday Findings

Hi there. Sandy here. Welcome to another Friday
Findings video at my YouTube channel and my blog, Today I thought
I would talk to you about bead tips. These are a great little finding for when you want
to use something other than bead stringing wire or chain to finish your jewelry. For
example, silk cord is popular now or leather cord or cotton, all sorts of different things,
but in order to have a nice finish it’s helpful to use these little tips. You can also use
these with thread if you’re using silk thread or string. Now I don’t have a lot of these. It’s not
something I use much so most of the time they’re not heart shaped, they’re round, but you can
find them in all different finishes. Gold, antique gold, silver, gun metal. The usual
finishes for all of your jewelry and the way they all work is it’s a clam shell shape and
at the hinge of the clam shell is a hole and that’s for your cord to pass through. So here’s some waxed linen twine and if we
just pretend this is what we’re going to be using to make our jewelry, so your waxed linen
twine goes through or whatever you want to use. Nylon monofilament, any thread and then
you just knot it. You can add a dab of strong glue such as E6000 which is nice because it
dries clear, it’s strong and it’s flexible and then all you do is you close up that clam
shell. You can do it with your fingers. If you need to use a tool, nylon jaw pliers are
great here because they won’t mar your piece. So you just close it up and then you have
this little loop that you can attach to whatever you need to on the other end of your jewelry
and close that up and now you have your thread or string or monofilament nice and secure.
You can string on your beads, make your pattern and then repeat on the other end with another
one, sliding it in from the hinged side from the outside and it’s as simple as that to
use bead tips to finish your jewelry. If you liked this video, be sure to give it
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