How To Use Bead Tips

Bead tips are a wonderful unique way to
finish off your jewelry. We have so many exciting styles and shapes. They come in just the normal bottom clamp, also side clamp, and they come in what we call hot tips.
There are all kinds of shapes to go with any kind of jewelry you
might want to put together. Let me show you today,
just how to attach one. What I do is go ahead and string
one seed bead onto my thread and then I’m going to tie just an overhand knot to hold that seed bead in place. Go ahead and pick up your bead tip and you want to just lay that seed bead
down inside. Now you might want to use a drop of glue if you feel that you
wanted it a little more secure, but it’s not necessary. Once you get that bead
down in the bead tip, just go ahead and take your
pliers and very gently close it. Attached on the top is a loop that twists open. You can go ahead and twist that open
and attach that loop to your clasp. As you see, we have an example
here of a triple strand necklace with all of the bead tips in place and it just gives it a
very professional finish. I want to thank you very much for
joining me today in the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads studio. Please come back again.

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