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So today I’m going to show you how to wrap
your dread locks with string. I’m actually going to use yarn, mainly because
it’s a little more colorful and it’s a little more fun. But one of the reasons why you can use this
method to wrap your dreads it’s not only decorative, but it’ll help you combine two dreads together
without and it’ll actually look like a design. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to measure out how much yarn I need. So it’s going to start at the root. I want it just a little bit longer than the
actual dread, because once you wrap it, of course, you’re going to take up some of that
length. So since this is about right, I’m going to
go just a little bit more and cut it. Once that is cut I’m going to grab the actual
dread lock that I want to wrap. I’m going to go in here at the roots and just
make enough of a hole to where my finger pokes through and that’s where I’m going to actually
start. So I’m going to pull it all the way through
and measure them out so that they’re even. Like I said, this is one of the methods you
can use to combine two dreads together. So I have the string going through the one
dread, the main one I want to combine and then the smaller one. So I put those two together. I use one of my sides, I hold it so it wont’
move, one of the sides to wrap around. You’re just going to wrap it to make it a
little more secure. Wrap it at the base, that’s secure. Then I’m going to take the other side and
wrap it the opposite way. Secure it even more. Then I’m going to set that out of the way. I’m just going to clip it, just so that you
can get an idea of how I’m going to use the yarn down the length of the dread. So then I have my two and I’m going to just
take it and wrap it around. In this particular sense, because Francesca
has such a beautiful curl in her dread, I didn’t want to measure the yarn to the very
end, because once you do that it’s definitely going to look different. But his is going to allow it to kind of blend
in with the rest of her curls, if we go just half or partial length of her actual dread
lock. So I’m going to hold it there. I’m just going to clip it so it will be out
of the way, so you can just follow me. And then I’m going to take the other side
and wrap it the opposite way. So I’m going to let land right in the middle
of where I wrapped it previously and kind of tighten it up. You can do it as tight or as loose as you
want. I’m keeping hers loose because she has a nice
curl to it, and as you can see, her dreads are kind of small. So we would be doing this for her as then
a way to make them a little bigger, look a little thicker and fluffier. So I’m not going to wrap it too tight. I’m going to keep a nice, loose tension on
it, as you go all the way down. And once I get to where the other side meets,
I’m going to tie it in a knot. Tie the two ends in a knot, rather. Another reason I like to use the yarn instead
of actual string; you can use string and you can use thread; the yarn is just softer and
it’s more bendable with the hair. If you were running your hands through your
hair you wouldn’t really feel the yarn as much as you would string, because it’s just
as soft as the hair. And this is 100% wool, so it’s a natural fiber
and most dread lock wearers like natural things in their hair. I’m going to cut off the excess, once I get
my knot really tight. And you can see if this was the same color
of her hair it would just blend right in. But even though it’s not, it’s a little lighter
so you actually see it, and if she had maybe four or five more of these, it’ll look very
decorative. And that is the way you wrap your dreads with


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