Husqvarna walk behind string trimmer,review

all right Husqvarna walk-behind string
trimmer versus what Bev calls no man’s land I have used a push mower out there
to basically bush hog that but uh you know I’ve used and abused that push
mower and it finally threw a rod which is fine I mean I when I got that I got
for free it didn’t run and I got it running using a couple years of cleaning
this up twice out here with that push mower and they’ve done a lot of bush hog
and with it over at that new land of mine anyway let’s crank up and get to
get to moon out there see what this thing can do when I use it about 20
seconds and broke both strings so hey I I have read that string that comes with
sucks I have a whole bunch of string that I cut right there the purple stuff
right there and here’s how you do this yeah come right out of these little
clips here you see if I can what you do is grab it in the middle go on poke it through that hook it on
that I’m sorry I know you’re getting dizzy hang in
there we almost got it first time ever replacing this so there we go back down ground level get back to work this is 155 string and I ordered some
175 from dr field trimmer and it’s supposed to be the best string anybody’s
views that had the highest reviews in the meantime I found this stuff at Ivy’s
lumber over and hot and let me tell you those people are thief’s 14 bucks for
four we Deidre strange but had to have it all right let me get back to work and
I think in defense of this thing I hit a one of the metal fence stakes and it
just sheared the thing right off so I’ll be careful
back to work I know that was some terrible video and
I’m sorry but I’m trying to operate this one hand and but you get the idea this
is going to make short work of this so far I think this is a good purchase I
think this is exactly what I need all right I’m back to work with two hands
this time okay I gotta put more string on and add
some gas I like it that machine is great I cut a water moccasin in about 30
little pieces so I got to be careful man I tell you what I can barely breathe I’d
work something I’ll know that I was in an industrial accident three years ago
yesterday and as a result I’ve lost about 40% of my breathing capacity so I
have to take a lot of breaks I’ll have that we got two young boys
here I’m gonna pay him to get over there and hack that over there with a machete
because there’s a ravine down there that I can’t get that thing across oh Jesus well I’d say I can’t think of anything
any con to say about that machine it is a god it’s the chip I tell you that it
made short work of this hear it it could actually will have worked a whole lot
faster than I’m capable organ it’s a beast I’m glad I got it and let me see
the string that came with it was crap just throw that away if you get one of
these and about someone 55 a square or diamond shaped which you know it only
changed twice and this whole thing here only changed twice and it’s good stuff I
don’t know the brand but I’ve got someone 75 coming and that stuff is
really going to work I cut some little trees here that were 5/8 thick I what I
did was just slowly hold it up against there and let it eat its way through and
it handled it okay that’s a Husqvarna walk-behind string trimmer I’ll walk
down there and show you the model number I give this two thumbs up to very
chubby-tired thumbs up really good piece of equipment six and
three-quarter horse I believe it 22 inch cut yep good stuff thanks for watching
you I had to give you one more shot from further away alright later breezy breezy breezy


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