Ice & Fire full look part 1 – How to Sculpt Acrylic Nails – Full Cover, Smile line & Glass Ombre

Hi everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do an ice. Yes, ice baby. No ice ice baby. We’re gonna actually do some like ice nails And this is to go with the fire designs that you’ve may have previously watched. We are going to do three nails in this video. This is like a three for one video all about ice. Hope you enjoy. Check it out! So, I’m gonna fit a sculpting form. So, I’m gonna fit these forms to all three nails. I’ve already removed the surface shine from those nails. However, what we need to do now is dehydrate. That’s gonna get rid of any oils or anything like that. They would interfere with the product. And then we’re gonna prime. This acts like a double-sided sticky tape. Two coats of that. I like to rub it into the nail as well. Going to use soft beige on the nail bed. I’m just going to settle that down. This is sky blue mini glitter. I’m gonna use this one. Some of the Snow Fairy super fine glitter. You’ll need a small bead of the clear. Just gonna mix that on the nail. And then a tiny bit of blue. Every particle of that glitter is placed in exactly where I want it. Honest! it is, I mean, it is sort of… Adam: Maybe you would move it if it wasn’t in the right place Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: Yeah. And then that we’re gonna be doing clear for the free edge, going straight over that glitter. So, right at the tip is gonna be clear, and then you’re gonna have that glitter sort of floating in between floating in between the ice nail. This is the ice hand that we’re doing now, for the lovely Kate, who’s going to a… Oh, i nearly said the rival name. Going to a Cambridge weight-loss plan convention. She’s got a lady that’s up for an award. Kate: Katie, Katie’s been shortlisted for an award. How much weight has she lost? Kate: She’s done nine and a half stone since last August. Kirsty: Jesus!
Adam: Wow! Kate: Like August 2016. Not like two months ago. Adam: That would be a bit like, yeah… Kirsty: That’d be a bit detrimental to the health. Adam: If that was the case. Kate: She’s gone from 20 stones to climbing Snowdon a couple of months ago. Adam: Wow! While that one’s pinching, I’m gonna start this one. And for this, I have Bermuda Bay. I couldn’t say that last time I used it. Adam: That doesn’t sound very icy. Kirsty: It doesn’t, does it? But look at it, it’s just amazing. So, I put a little bit of clear on. Look at that! Kate: It’s like frozen in a jar. It’s like Elsa Kirsty: It is very beautiful
Kate: So, we’re loving that. Just look at that! Beautiful! I got carried away and I didn’t tip the finger down. I was too busy looking at the glitter. Too busy mesmerized by all the shimmers. We gonna do a full nail of this colour on this nail, because they loves that much. beautiful Do you have a dress that’s this colour for the convention, don’t you? This hand is gonna be amazing. I mean they both look great, but especially this one, I think. If I was going to choose a favorite, it would be the ice maiden. Pinching this one. Pinch the very edge. Take the form off. Oh my God, I love a clean nail! I’m gonna encapsulate the colour. This is gonna give it strength and it’ll also stop you from filing that beautiful shimmer away. For this one, I’m gonna use soft beige. We do this at an angle. So, we’ll extend the nail bed on one side. Like that. That means you’ll have… You want a bit of the soft beige all over that nail, so you don’t wanna see the natural nail popping through really. Now, I’m gonna pinch this nail. But what I’m gonna do is use some of that fairies wing here. Add a bit of silver and a little bit of blue. You want it like it’s just fading up. Like that. I’m gonna pinch the length of this. And I can still put up pinching too long because it still got a bit of bounce. And then, we’re gonna do some clear parts but we’re gonna put these microbeads in. Now, these ones I’ve not used before in a video because they are all transparent. Look, I think they’ll look pretty cool. And then we’ve got these other ones as well that have got the metallic coating on. Combination of the two *** pretty awesome and suit this theme. You can take the form off this one. So, you want clear acrylic now for the length. And you’re gonna touch into the balls. Look at that! Place some of those in. They are like they’re suspended. They look purple only because of the pink underneath. That’s kind of wrong**. Adam: Oh, yeah! And we’re gonna touch into the other ones, feed some of them in as well. Go on a little bit wild with the length there. A little bit wild with the old length. So, I’ll just get rid of that bit there. Sorry! Sorry! And then, we’re gonna encapsulate those with clear acrylic. And then we’re gonna pinch this one.


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